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OT - What diets have you tried?


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I find diets so interesting, the fact that there are so many, all so different & where one may work wonders for some it can be the total opposite for others.

Personally I hate saying 'diet' it should be more 'lifestyle' but thats just me ;)

I've tried the Atkins, only as my parents were trying it so it made it easier to do it with them, after 2 strict weeks I'd lost 4lbs (it was meant to be anything up to 14lbs). Boy I missed those carbs!

Ive also done WW online, I loved doing it but sadly didn't work for me & I only lost 7lbs in 14 months. To this day I still don't understand why it didn't work for me. :(

Ive now been on SW for 6 months & have so far lost 20lbs. Not as much as I'd like as many have read before but I feel happier now than on any other eating regime & thats all that matters I guess! :)
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Oh so many....

Weight watchers, did this for ages and ages - too restrictive for me, ate all my points then got grumpy and said s*d it and ate more

Rosemary Connally (sp?) - gosh my leader was nasty! Gave us a right rollocking when we put on (me and my friend), again, too restrictive - it was in the days when you couldn't have anything more than 4% fat.

Atkins - great, got to my lowest weight ever but cost me a fortune in meat, was hard for me to fit into my lifestyle and the ketosis part was awful.

Cabbage Soup - there's only so many ways one can "perk up" this soup! Nuff said.....

Silly so call British Heart Foundation diets where you eat cottage cheese, tuna, beetroot and other such weird combinations. Didn't last long.

Err.... GI diet, after Atkins. Soon got fed up of this, the principle of this is really good but I struggled with it.

I'm sure there are more but as I've said many a time, it's Slimming World for me, forever. This is my second time, the first time I lost a stone and my circumstances changed so I stopped going. I've been going for over 2 years now, a year of that at target. It's part of my life!!

Long post - but you asked!!! :)


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I don't do SW and never had but I've done a local class to me when I lived at home which was successful (and is very similar to Rosemary Conley without the exercise), i've done WW and failed miserably.

I've done the cabbage soup - not nice - and the 3-day heart op one which was reasonably good if you can eat everything on the diet you should eat.

I have also been given tablet from the docs - didn't like that at all!!!

There must be more than that???????

I've done best with the RC diet though, so i'll think i'll stick to it! lol
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I think I've tried every diet going! The first one was SW when I was 21 and I got to target. About halfway through I hit a plateau and decided to try WW but it didn't work for me- I lost about two pounds in the whole time I tried it and was constantly starving. After putting the weight back on (I maintained my target for about a year) I was at a low ebb and tried the Cambridge Diet- lasted three weeks and lost about a stone but had a constant craving for a steak pie (I didn't even like meat at the time!) and eventually caved in and while I'm heavy, I've never been particularly 'fat' but when the weight went on after this it was like jelly. Urgh! I then tried Scottish Slimmers and liked that a lot but the class times don't suit me so now it's back to SW and I intend to get to target and stay there. I really like my consultant and find her motivational and I think that's half the battle. When I went home at my lunch break I had a little card from her through the post congratulating me on my half stone which I thought was nice.
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Atkins helped me shed the most weight and got me down to below 10 1/2 stone from nearly 19.

I then did the GI diet after that to maintain for around 4 years so i kind of only ate the 'good' carbs but was taking lots of fitness supplements and protein shakes as well.

I switched to SW after putting on nearly 1 1/2 stones when i quit smoking in October last year as it seems the best option to fit in with my life style.


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i've done *deep breath*

Weight Watchers
Slim Fast
Cabbage Soup
3 egg and grapefruit
eating a piece of cucumber every 2 hours
one meal a day diet
Special K drop a jeans size

None of them work in the long term, not for me anyway. SW is the only one that I find works and that you can live with.

Mrs V

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The same as Vixxter, plus...slimming patches: brought me out in blisters and since have an allergy to plasters!
Lighterlife, Camebridge - severe constipation to the point of crying in pain (not recommended at all!)
British Heart Foundation - suffered with migranes
Gastric band - although really successful, I need to work at making sure that I eat sensibly (the band doesnt work by itself), hence the reason why I am back to SW...I know it works and I can see the weight moving!


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When i left school about 6 years ago i was 13.5 stones and i went on the Atkins and lost 3 stone. I did really enjoy it cus i just ate meat, cheese, cream etc. Obviously this was way before i became a veggie lol.
I've also tried Weight Watchers but i really couldn't be bothered with the points counting lol.
The last one i tried before SW was a diet from a mag and it involved eating 1,200cal every week day then 2,000 a day at the weekends which meant u could treat yourself. But as usual i kept cheating!
S: 18st1.6lb G: 10st10lb
You ready???
  • calorie counting
  • personal trainer
  • one in America (can't remember name)
  • herbal tablets from ebay (thermoslim, I think?)
  • WW
  • SW
  • RC
  • LL/CD (got to my lowest ever weight on LighterLife but was told that I looked gaunt!)
  • British Heart Foundation (or whatever the one is with cottage cheese/tuna, etc)
  • Special K for a day or two
And probably countless others that I just can't remember!

SW works for me and I love it. I lost 4.5st with it before a few years back and this is my second (and final) time of doing it. I KNOW I'll get to target with it and can see myself eating like this for life!


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Gosh where do I start.....

Slim Fast
Cabbage soup diet
1000 calories a day diet
GI diet
5 meals a day diet
Tesco E diets
The Scarsdale Diet - (good result but too expensive)
The F Plan diet
British Heart Foundation Diet
Mayo Clinic Diet
Ayds - (caramel chewy sweetie things)
A Dr's prescription diet pill - (worked wonders, but nearly sent me 'dolally' - (that was in the 1970's)
Herbal slimming tablets
Super Slim diet clubs - (a West Midland slimming club)
Weight Loss Resources - (an online diet club)
Slim Buddy - (another online diet club)

You name it I've tried it......when I think of the money and time I've wasted over the years, and all I needed to do was join my local SW club....oh well, we learn by our mistakes 'eventually'....
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I cant remember the exact number but I've read more than once that women spend the majority of their years on a diet, how horrible to always be focused on our weight!

I hope everyone who's on one has found the eating regime they're happy with :)


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Ayds! Yes! Horrible bitty things!
Slimming biscuits! If you put one in water it all swelled up!
Grapefruit and egg! Parp!
Slimfast, great between meals!
Atkins! Constipation city!
Slimming Magazine worked while you went.
WW's , saved loads of points for wine so I was perpetually hungry.
Then I found SW:cupid:
S: 11st12lb G: 10st12lb
i tried tablets,
weight watchers (rubish for me)
slimming world (best one for me)

ok i lost loads on the shakes but was very hard. xx
S: 13st10.5lb C: 12st5lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 32.7 Loss: 1st5.5lb(10.13%)
rosemary conley, weight watchers (3 times), Atkins (which made me very ill), tesco diets, and slimming world this is my 5th attempt but im determined this time
S: 10st12lb C: 9st10lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 23.3 Loss: 1st2lb(10.53%)
I have done calorie counting, weight watchers, rosemary conley and slimming world. The first two were successful but I love slimming world there is so much choice :)

nettie xx

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