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ot - worst day of my life!

so far anyways...

I posted a thread on here a while ago saying i had my fashion degree interview.. well i went today (and having not done any sort of art alevel or anything i made my own wee portfolio and saying portfolio i mean like 10 pages of designs. So i went in and was told to wait in a hallway were all the other girls came in and theyhad big cases full of stuff and about 3 big books each. Clothes that they'd made :( and we were told to put our 'portfolios' in a room to wait to be called, i walked in and lifted my wee folder then they asked were my portfolio was and i said i had never done art so it was a sample of my work, they took them out and didnt even look at them, gave me a dirty look, looked at eachother and smurked and said... i mean over 5000 people applied for this, you'll find out in a few weeks anyways. :( i stuttered, i couldnt think of any designers names and i just feel so so stupid!
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awwww chick im sorry to hear that!

I would put in a complaint about the people who took your folder.. They should not have been so negative towards you, especially since you would be nervous enough!!

Honestly try not to worry about it! If you get it well done :) if not then its interview experience eh?


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Having been to Art College I'll let you know this is typical. I did textiles/fashion and thank GOD fashion was only a small part of it because the tutors/pupils were so far up their own Ar*e I wanted as little to do with them as possible!! They all thought they were going to be the next Galliano or Gabbana!! Where are they now I'd like to know?
TBH- you were at a disadvantage going in there with little/no qualifications or experience. These girls were coming from colleges where the last "x" years were spent getting their portfolios ready for this interview. You seemed not to know what to expect?
BTW- I just noticed you're from Befast- was it York St you went to? Thats where I went!
yeah york street :) last time i'll be there anyways cos i def didnt get in! lol, I have a-levels in other subjects and did a design course at university so i assume thats y i got an interview in 1st place. :( ah well


A little of everything!
Its a pity you weren't more aware of what was expected (I don't mean that in a bad way?)- it didn't do your confidence any good being looked down on like that, but as I said- they seem to thrive on behaving like that. Why did you decide on fashion as opposed to something related to your design course? What kind of design was it? Did your tutors know you were going for this interview?
I wanted to do fashion design for ages, and had i not been so nervous and ashamed of my pitiful portfolio,i would probably have sounded as if i knew wat i was talking about lol


A little of everything!
Thats what I meant about preparation? These girls would have been coached on what to have in their portfolio and coached on what to say from way before they even got their interview dates? I don't know your situation, but would it be possible to do some sort of a fashion course to get a grounding in it? Or perhaps visit local colleges and speak to a fashion tutor for some advice on how to proceed? If its really what you want to do- don't let a few prigs put you off! It could also be worthwhile to make an app. with the tutors that interviewed you to ask for their advice. If you show willingness to work at it, it could stand you in good stead with them?
Fab advice IrishMum :)

I'm so sorry you had a bad experience missy, i can completely understand why you feel down about it. :hug99:

BUT - now you know what to expect how about working on all the ideas IrishMum suggests and apply again next year. Any tutor worth their salt would be impressed to see your dedication and determination to succeed. Are there any fashion places (shops, designers, wholesalers, anything!) you could try for some free work experience, as this may also impress.

Really good luck


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:gen126:Aww - just wanted to send you a hug.

Don't let this put you off. Put it down to experience and speak to lots of tutors for next time. You'll be the best prepared next time around.

Good luck

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