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Ouch... and a question!


Recovering Cookie Addict
Hi Everyone

Well today is day 3 and so far am feeling fab, haven't felt hungry and have stuck to the plan 100% - a minor achievement but still an achievement!!

I have a question for you though. I was wondering, what is the minimum amount of time you should leave between your shakes so that it doesn't knock you out of ketosis? Sometimes my days are pretty short, and generally if I do feel really hungry I will just have an early night. Im struggling to get all my shakes in though and am scared of taking them too close together, say with only 3 hours between or something. Anyone know?

In other news, I got up this morning and tripped over the leg of my PJ's, landing very unladylike on the floor with my 2 kittens doing their prairie dog impression and just staring at me wondering what the loud bang was hehe I hurt my knee and was feeling a bit miffed about the whole episode until I realise that it was my sagging PJ's that had caused the fall - surely a sign that I've already lost some weight! So yay \o/ it's not all bad!!!
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A little of everything!
The amount of time between shakes won't knock you out of ketosis- it's physiologically impossible. The only thing that will knock you out of ketosis is an increase in your carb intake- which is strictly measured in your shakes to ensure you have enough carbs (they ARE necessary to keep your body running- it's excess carbs that cause the problems!) but not too much.
Just try to have them at regular intervals- like every 3/4/5/hrs- whatever suits YOUR lifestyle.
If you have a short day, take them closer together and if you get hungry at night, have an early night- after your 3rd shake- make sure you get them all in.
The same reasoning would apply if you have a long day, spread them put a bit so your body has a regular source of nutrition to keep it 'ticking over' so to speak?


A little of everything!
Oh, way to go on the PJ front! LOL! You'll soon be flashing all & sundry!!


Recovering Cookie Addict
Ah ok, thanks for that. I was just curious if the amount of carbs in each shake, if taken too close together would total enough to kick you out of ketosis. That's good to know since I have a confession, day 1 I only had 1 shake, day 2 I had 2 shakes. It wasn't intentional, day 1 I actually forgot to have them since I was so wrapped up in reading this forum all day and browsing pictures! Then yesterday I was worried about taking my 3rd shake since it hadn't been long since my 2nd.

I'm going to make sure I have all 3 today and stick with that from now on.


running strictly on fat!
I think this will be not less than 3 hours - it work for me x


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Yup - doesnt really matter what time you have your shakes, its up to you and your lifestyle but you do need all 3! shakes a day :)


Recovering Cookie Addict
Thanks! I've already had one and am thinking about having my second right about now, that should leave enough time to squeeze in shake no 3 before sleeps ^.^
I agree some times i have a small gap other times a really long one depends on how im feeling. Not having all your shakes will put you into starvation mode and because the three shakes are designed to give you all the minerals and vitamins your body needs to function you need to drink them all.

Another ting is it will catch up with you, i didnt have all of my shakes one day and i felt crap for days after it! you prob arent feeling like that now because your only in week one so your body is still full of carbs and sugars from wen you were eating.


Recovering Cookie Addict
You make a good point Ann Marie, I certainly don't want to go into starvation mode, my body will hang onto the fat as much as possible and it's hard enough losing it as it is! Another good reason to make sure I drink them all, thanks for the reminder ^.^

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