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Our little cat's gone missing :-(

We have three cats, and our littlest one went out on Thursday night and hasn't come back.

One night away isn't usually any cause to worry, but more than 48 hours is really unusual.

I'm worried she's locked in someone's house without any food and water while they're away - maybe even for half term.

She's quite inquisitive and is always getting into other people's cars and houses when she shouldn't be.

I hope she comes back! :wave_cry:
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:lost: Hope this helps hun

:hug99: I hope ya little one comes back soon, keep us updated xxxxx


I am one of the 63336
I hope she's back soon xx

Many years ago I had a cat that disappeared for nearly two weeks. When she came back she was very thin. We spoke to the vet who said to feed her up very slowly BUT he also said that cats are VERY good at finding water and nourishment where you and I would think there wasn't any so try not to fret too much xxx
Thanks everyone! I'm going to go and knock on some doors to see if anyone has seen her. Or if maybe she's shut in someone's garage or shed?

It would be the best valentine's day pressie ever if she comes home! xxx
So one of our neighbours has seen her either yesterday or the day before, he wasn't sure. So it sounds like she's choosing not to come home. Little tinker.

I hope this is the case, but I can't help wondering if she's trapped or hurt! Poor little beast!

When she gets home I'm going to give her a right good talking to. x
Just read through properly - I used to have a cat that would disappear for a week at a time - first few times were worried sick about him. He always came back right as rain though, as though nothing had happened.

Hope your cat is home v.v.v.soon
Thankyou! i'm trying not to worry! God, what'll i be like when i have kids?!!!
it sounds like she has just gone exploring, this happened to me once, I made up some flyers & posted them through everyone's doors - she was brought home the next day! How old is she? They do like to go off exploring & this time of year they are little swines for it.

Hope she gets home soon - make sure you sit her down & give her what for!!
She'll come back...she'll just be living it up somewhere, exploring or getting to know the neighbours. She'll be home when she wants food.
We found out yesterday that our cat visits at least two of our neighbours houses...for a few hours at a time. A neighbour popped round to talk to us when we were gardening to explain, and let us know she wasn't trying to steal him lol! He's just such a friendly boy who loves fuss and attention.

Let us know xx
Well, day 4 and she's not back yet. I was kind of hoping that as people get up this morning and open their garages to go to work, she might just pop out! But no. Not yet.

It did put a bit of a downer on Valentine's day for us yesterday unfortunately. Especially after we'd had a few glasses of wine each! Me and the other half got a bit emotional!

Positive thinking today though...here kitty kitty....x
well, another day and still no cat. I'm trying not to imagine squished shapes under car tyres or nibbled by foxes etc.

We popped into our vets today and told them she was missing, they were great and said they often have reports of seemingly lost or hurt pets. They said they'd call us if they got a report about our little beast.

Come home puss!!!! Enough is enough x

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