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Over 50 pounds

miss bee

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hi maynie:)
wow,thats a brilliant loss!
so inspiring!cant wait till i'm where you are.
well done you,and all the best with the rest.:)
I'm so frustrated. This was my first week- where you can generally expect the biggest loss? Or a decent one. I have stayed the same! This week I have been counting my calories:

Thurs: 1018
Fri: 1513
Sat: 1145
Sun: 1357
Mon: 1494
Tues: 1350
Wed: to come....

I have just noticed that it's tomorrow i should have weighed, but i'm still disappointed. I have been to the gym 3 times for 40 minutes cardio. I know I still need to up my exercise, but I still thought it would have been a loss! Grrrr!
Thanks Stevie and well done - you're doing brilliantly!

clw - that is very strange, you def should have lost! Is your period just about to start? Lots of people gain then, so it should even it out. Though that happened to me the time I tried weight watchers, I only lost a pound the first week and never much after that, even though I stuck to it! Maybe calorie counting is the wrong thing for you?
Thanks. I'm going to change my exercising, but I would have thought with the amount of calories, even if I hadn't exercised I would have lost.
My periods have been practically not existant since the doctor changes my contraceptive pill in 2008, but this week I did have a little something. I never thought about that.
I'm going to do some more research. Hopefully the doctor will get back to me soon about testing my bloods etc. I even went to a dietician in the UK a couple of years ago and she didn't see a problem with my food intake, she said if anything I ate too little.

Thanks : )
Very well done. Hopefully I'll be at the 50 pound mark myself in the next week or two. Next WI is week 22 for me and like you, its flown by.
I'm past half-way to the century! I'm so pleased! It's taken nearly six months and it has flown by.
congratulations that is a huge weight loss, you must be so proud of yourself... keeping posting updates for those of us who only wish to achieve that xxx


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Well done on losing 50lbs. I did 85 in 6 months but I'm afraid I will never hit the 100lbs mark as that would take me down to around 155 which would be unhealthy for my height/build.

Some serious weightloss 100lbs is so well done to all who have achieved it and good luck to those on their way and those starting out.