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Pains in lower back/ kidney area when in ketosis?

Has anyone else had this? Have been a bit sore on and off doing this diet for last 2.5 weeks and wondered if it's normal and if there's anything to do to make it better?
I know that ketosis does put stress on the kidneys which is why many people disaprove of VLCDs but I really wanna lose teh rest of the weight so don't want to stop! I am worried I am not doing my kidneys any good though so any advice? Reassurance please?
I know fi I see my GP, he will just tell me it's because of CD as many drs don't agree with it!
Thanks in advance xxx
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I wouldnt advise you to drink any more than 4 litres ... drinking too much can overload the kidneys and they wont work as efficiently . are you sure it is pain in your kidneys rather than your lower back ?? I am aware that loosing weight so rapidly can cause some muscular pain to your lower back as your spine tried to adjust to the new weight and it also takes a while for your body to work out how to balance the new you ...... I have lower back pain but am sure it is more musclular than kidney based .
If you are worried I would talk to your doctor just to put your mind at rest
I guess that makes sense- it's just that it is in kidney area that made me think and it very tender to the touch. I guess this could be muscular though but I never had it on previous diet with slimming world and I did have some weeks where I had big losses BUT not as much as on CD so I am gonna ask OH to massage me and hope for the best! Thanks for the advice xx
Hi Debbie,

I don't want to worry you but a lot of people get gallstones and kidney stones doing this diet. I got gallstones and dr is convinced it was CD and as lot of people on this get them as body gets a build up of deposits (think as shakes quite concentrated) and I drank loads of water. I had my gallbladder out in Jan and am fine but have had pain in kidneys before with this diet. Fool that I am im back on CD as its the best diet I have found but am aware of the problems.

Good luck
I have previously had gallstones and had gall bladder out a few years ago but I must admit, the idea of kidney stones does not fill me with glee!
I am gonna talk to my CDC on Tues and see what she thinks but as much as I am wanting to lose weight, if I am putting my health at risk, I will need to go back to another plan x


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I regularly get the kidney pain, usually when sitting. I had it on Lipotrim last year, apparently , i drink too much water and I pee for England, so my kidneys are being over worked, I drank less for a day and was fine. I sip water all day as I have a minging taste in my mouth , as well as the tea and coffee to stave off the hunger. Its no wonder my kidneys object.
Have a word with your counsellor.


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I had a suspected kidney stone a few months after I came off CD last year but I know it was because I didn't drink enough so I've increased my fluid intake this time. All I will say is that if it was a kidney stone you would have no doubt about it at all - I ended up in hospital in A&E at one point because the pain was so bad I was physically shaking and could barely stand up. It is the most excrutiating pain I have ever had in my life and the first sign that it may come back and I will be off CD so fast it will be unbelievable!

The only other thing that comes to mind is if its possible you may have a UTI? Along with the possible kidney pain are you feeling this urge to pee more and not just from the increased fluid. With mine I was pee-ing every 30 minutes but not pee-ing a lot - just felt like I needed to go all the time even though I didn't which was being caused by the UTI rather than the kidney problem. It might be worth you asking the nurses at your GPs to do a simple test to see if that is the problem - if its a kidney stone starting its likely to show up as a UTI so if that is clear you can be a bit more confident that its probably muscular.

Good luck and hope you are feeling better soon xx
I've spoken to my CDC and they say it's probably a water imbalance so I just need to try out diff amounts and see which feels best. ie. I could be dirnking too much or too little so I just need to see how I go as everyone's body is diff x

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