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Panicking a bit!

I just got a text from my friend and we're going to be looking for my bridesmaid dress in January!! A little later than it should be, but I've still just had a bit of a wibble about it :eek:
I still have 4.5 stone to lose till I'll be at my ultimate target of 10 stone. Is it doable do you think?! :)

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of course it is-now I on the other hand have 2 try some on in less than 2 weeks! I have tried to talk her into waiting a bit-like sept/oct but she is having none of it lol
Brides eh?! ;) My friend is very understanding, plus they're trying to spread out paying for things, which helps a lot!!
I'm worried that I will be able to lose a decent amount by Jan, but maybe not get to target, but I'll want to keep losing weight. That's really gonna mess up dress shopping/buying isn't it?!
Looks like I better up my exercise even more and stock up on speed foods, lol!
When is the wedding for you? My one isn't until July next year. I'm so excited tho!!! I've never been a proper bridesmaid before-I was a witness/sort of bridesmaid at my Mum's second marriage :)
Thank you for your reply :D
i have worked out if i lose 1.5 lbs a week till my sisters edding thats 4st 1 thats in dec am not sure what im gonna do about dress shopping jut tell the shop im loosing weight and see hat they say .
I hadn't thought of that! Telling the shop/dress maker I mean. My friend obviously knows, but it makes sense to actually tell the person who will be making the dress that I'm still trying to lose weight. Thank you!
My original goal, when I started SW last year, was 1lb a week loss. But not sure that would get me to target now. I'm a little ahead of that now, but I was such a slow loser before Xmas I'm waiting for the loss to slow down again.x


I am one of the 63336
it makes sense to actually tell the person who will be making the dress that I'm still trying to lose weight.
I'd take a guess that dressmakers who are making dresses for wedding have at least 75% of customers who still want to lose weight before the wedding so I'm sure she won't think there's anything strange or awkward in that xx
Her wedding isnt til end May 11. Thing is she has seen a dress she loves but wont go and try it on cos she wants 2 lose weight 1st! I was wondering if we did she a dress next Fri can you choose it but go back towards the end of the yr b4 the dress is actually ordered?
I was bridesmaid at a wedding in October just gone. I was losing, losing, losing and pleased with my progress, but I knew I still had a long way to go to target. The bride had her heart set on high-street dresses luckily, which meant no problems with dressmakers, but when we went dress shopping I was still a 14. I knew that come the wedding I wanted to be a 12. So, we bought 2 frocks! She bought the 14 and I paid for the 12. I kept taking one back and re-purchasing it until I knew I could get into the smaller one...which I did. And on the day itself, it was actually a fraction big :D

The smaller dress really gave me something to aim for. Trying it on regularly gave me focus and despite the odd off week, I was determined to look as good as I could.

If you're having them made rather than off the peg it will be harder...and I only dropped one dress size not 4½ stone! You'll look soooo much different that much lighter. It's hard because you don't want to risk getting a smaller dress made up and then not fitting into it (not saying that you won't succeed, but it's something to bear in mind!!) so you'll have to get a size that fits you now.

Most dressmakers are used to people saying they want to lose weight and have ways of making sure that the dress will fit you. The bride could pay for the dresses now, but you could go in to have your measurements done much closer to the time, then the dress would be ordered to the size you are then...and if you lose more subsequently it could be taken in to fit.

Don't worry! You will look fantastic come the wedding day :)
Agreed with Hellie, most dress shops will alter dresses. If you really feel so uncomfortable you can go in and try it on then say that you would like to have a later fitting just incase that weight is gone.

Good luck with your journey and that weight loss seems very do-able.

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