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Partner in crime aka Newbie Slimming Buddy needed

Hi Everyone,

I'm new to this board and I already love it:D! I'm also pretty new to Slimming World....I joined 3 weeks ago (Thurs night weigh-ins). I've done well so far, but I have been to slimming clubs before and find I lose my motivation after a while. I want to lose 5 stone in total (eek :argh:) and so far I've lost 12 pounds hurrah! My friends are getting married in the Spring and I'd love to look back at photos without feeling embarassed about my weight. I also dream of having a bikini body next Summer.

I'm basically looking for a partner in crime, to share motivate and to help give me a kick up the bottom when I'm off track. I also promise to offer a big clap/shoulder to cry on/giggle/listening ear when needed.

I've seen other threads looking for slimming buddies, but I was looking for someone else who is quite new and maybe has similar goals?!

Oh and my biggest vice is pizza.


Claire x
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Hi Claire, good on you for losing 12 pounds already, I started slimming world at home nine days ago and have lost 5 pounds. I weigh in on Sundays. I would like to lose about 4/5 stone before next summer. I have my own weight loss diary on minimins and have found it so motivating, having to record what I am eating and getting to express my feelings and likes/dislikes is very 'therapeutic' and addictive lol !!! I also love getting comments and feedback from other posters.

Have a great day, TrixieB:)
Hi TrixieB,
Sounds like you're making a great start. I love the tracker bits and pieces too. I really shows you how well you're doing and keeps you positive. I think writing down what you're eating is a fab way to go. I religiously write everything down that I've eaten (if I didn't I'd forget!) and it makes you take notice of how much you're eating. At the meetings the leader sometimes asks you to do a sheet for her to see...I live in fear that she'll ask to see mine and I'll have been really naughty. That thought keeps me good tbh lol. You must be really motivated to do this online without meetings. I think having a good support network (like minimins) will really help you.

Last Thurs I'd put on half a pound. I was really annoyed at myself, but I did fall off the wagon and have pizza (LARGE amount, whoops) at the weekend so in hindsight half a pound wasn't too bad. The leader says your body can also naturally fluctuate that amount anyway, so I got off lightly really. I think I've made up for it by being really focussed this week and I feel really good for making the right choices. I just hope the scales show it tomorrow!

Looking forward to hearing how you're doing this week. If there's anything I can help you with then just ask....I might not know, but I can ask my leader.

Love C x
Good luck with your weigh in. I would love to go to a meeting but I live in the south of Ireland and Slimming World meetings are only in the north but are slowing making their way down here, at the moment the closest meeting is 3 1/2 hrs drive from here!! :(

Will definitely take up that offer of passing questions on to you to ask your leader!

Must go update my diary and sort out my food for tomorrow, shopping in the morning so must get planning!!

Take care, TB :)
Hi TrixieB,

Hope you're having a good day and had a successful shopping trip. I've been 'planning' my meals before shopping quite often too and find I'm definitely more focussed when I've planned. The past two days I didn't plan though and found myself going off track and speanding loads of money (I bought asparagus and steak, doh). Now I'm not even sure if sirloin steak is free or not, might have to ask my leader tonight. I'll be gutted if it's not because I have a big steak graving today.

That's such a shame that there isn't a class in your area. Why don't you start one up? They're always looking for new leaders. I've been thinking about it myself, but I'm moving to the North West soon so it wouldn't be fair to start it then leave.

Best wishes and slimming thoughts,
C xxx
Good idea!! Who know what the future holds...the meetings are getting closer, so perhaps at the start of next year a meeting will be accessible.

Shopping went okay, but i am having serious trouble finding butternut squash, I could eat them everyday...they are gorgeous roasted with other vegs. Last week all I could find was a tiny little organic (expensive) one in Tescos and this week none of the shops I go to had them!! Thought they were in season?

Just tried a Kelloggs Fibre Plus bar that everyone is raving about, and it was very tasty.

How did you get on at your weigh in? TB
Well I got on ok, 1.5lb off this week. A loss is great, but I was hoping for a bit more, as I'd been so good. If I get another pound off then I'll have reached my first stone off...I'm really looking forward to that and hope I'm there next week. The weekend after I'm going out for a meal, so won't be good on the Saturday and then I'll be going to my bf's for the week so won't be around for the class the week after. Missing a class might be good because it means I can make up for the damage of the meal out, but part of me worries that if I fall off the wagon I can do a lot of damage in two weeks! I might actually see if I can go to a meeting near to my bf's house...it's probably the safest option.

Butternut squash...I've never tried it myself, not such a fan of squashes. Do you have any local markets? You might have more (cost effective) joy there? Also, Waitrose sell it but I'm not sure if it'd be expensive there (or if you have Waitrose in Ireland for that matter lol). I think I might get into sweet potatoes this Winter. I was reading a recipe about a sweet potato mixture sealed into squares of won-ton so it's sort of like raviolli and I thought that sounded rather interesting. You'll have to let me know what you do to butternut squash to make it exciting and I'll give it a go myself...assuming I can find some.

I haven't really heard much about the kelloggs fibre plus bars, what flavours do they come in? Are they a healthy extra on extra easy or do you count them as syns?

I hope you have a fab weekend and look forward to hearing how you get on with your weigh-in on Sunday.

Love C x

Good on you for losing 1.5...nearly a stone off now and only a few weeks have gone by!! Remember how well you have done when planning your food and meals out next week. You probably feel better and your clothes probably fit better as well. I always admire people who can eat out and control what they have, I don't think anyone takes any notice of someone making healthy choices, even the skinny minis want to eat healthy!!

I have had a pretty hectic day, middle child in casualty!!

Will update my results in the morning and give you some ideas for the illusive butternut squash...kills me that I can't find it...we have many acres of land on our farm and not one single veg planted...definitely a project for next year!! I could have a year's supply of squash ready to harvest!

Take care, TB
Hi Trix,
Sorry to hear about your middle sprog going to casulaty. Are they alright now? How many children do you have? I don't have any children yet, although I have stretchmarks and child bearing hips lol.

I've been poorly today (it's the season for colds!) and didn't eat much earlier, so this evening I wanted pizza really badly. Seeing as it's a Saturday and I was snuggled up infront of the TV watching XFactor, it just seemed right to want pizza. But I didn't give in to temptation and I'm so pleased with myself. My bf was really strong for me too which helped more than anything. He said I'm his inspiration so I have to stick to it. Usually he gives in to my whining, but he really helped tonight. I whipped up some chicken and mushroom noodles and I have to say they were so yummy. I definitely made the right choice.

Next weekend, when we go out for the meal, we're going to one of my favourite Italian restaurants and I have decided exactly what I'm going to have. I'm not going for healthy choices, but I'm not going to order anything more than I've planned, so I'll be showing some restraint there. The hardest part for me will be following the healthy eating plan again the next day, especially when we have guests staying. But I think the biggest and most significant change for me will be having a one off, occasional treat without letting that become my lifestyle again.

I think to lose more I need to start fitting in some exercise. I've not been working for a few months and I find I'm barely doing any exercise at all. I've gone from running around as a primary school teacher to sitting on the sofa doing internet job hunts. I'm going to try to go for a half hour walk each evening and I've recently tried to not use my car for anything unless I really have to.

Anyway, I hope you're weekend improves tomorrow and you have a great weigh in.

Love C xxx
Well I lost one pound this week....happy enough....of course we always want to lose POUNDS but when I think that I lost a pound from EATING, not from starving all week, I am pretty pleased. So that is 6 pounds in 2 weeks.

I like the slimming world idea of Flexible Syns, so for your evening out you just set yourself a syn limit...like 60 or something, and then go back on plan for your next meal.

I have a cousin who passed away yesterday, and I will be at the funeral wake tonight and then the funeral mass and afters tomorrow, which will be challenge as 'after funeral' food usually means sandwiches sandwiches sandwiches!!! Will have a good breakfast and then plan to eat one full sandwich and have my late/lunch early dinner already prepared for when we get home tomorrow. I certainly don't want to go over board over a FUNERAL!!!

Taking it easy this afternoon, made an easy sunday lunch for the family, took eldest daughter to mass as she is preparing for confirmation, everyone else stayed in bed. So I put loads of jacket potatoes in the oven and porkchops in a roasting tray. Set the timer and when we got home I did some frozen broccoli mix. Everyone fed with the least bother!

I have three lovely girls, one will be 12 next month, one is 10 1/2 and the youngest will be 9 in january....great now they are all close in age and have similar interests...it was really hard when they were all at baby/toddler stages together.

Take care TB
I'm so sorry to hear about your cousin passing away, that's really sad. Sounds like you had a hard weekend. Well done for staying on track. That must have been quite a challenge. I don't think anyone would have blamed you if you'd fallen off the wagon!

Losing a pound is fab. Have you ever been to a weight loss programme where the leader has a weird squishy blob that represents 1 pound? It's actually so much bigger than you'd think. Also, are you measuring yourself? I haven't got round to it yet, but apparently it's good for weeks when you don't show much, or any, weight loss on the scales but you lose inches instead.

Another tip I learnt at a weight loss meeting once is for when you've lost a bit of weight. What you do is weigh out the amount you've lost in tins of food e.g. 20lb of tins. Then put the tins in a backpack and try it on. The backpack will feel heavier than you expect and that will have been the weight that you previously carried around everyday without thinking about it. One man who went to a slimming class I attended did that and brought the bag to the meeting with him. It was so heavy to pick up and really made me think of the positive effect losing weight had on my body.

Another tip (I'm feeling inspired tonight lol) was in this week's email from my group leader. She said to have positive visual reminders around you to spur you on. I was thinking of putting an inspiring weight loss story or photo of a celebrity that I think has a good figure on my fridge. Apparently there's no point in putting pictures to discourage you up for motivation e.g. you at your biggest, because it makes you feel negative, but instead use something to look forward to.

Simple meals, such as jacket potatoes with healthy extra cheese and a salad, or chicken and veg noodles are really working for me at the moment. It must be difficult for you to please a whole family's tastes whilst sticking to your food plan. I currently live on my own and my boyfriend comes down to stay a few times a month. Most of the time I only have to consider what I fancy for tea. We will be moving in together asap, initially at his parents (for 1 month) then into our own place and I think it will prove quite a challenge to stick to Slimming World, especially at his parents house. But I'm determined!

Anyway, I'd best be off. All the best with the funeral tomorrow.
Take care,
C x
Hi, C

I had one of those blobs of fat weighing one pound in my fridge for ages..my ten year old finally said, 'mom what are you doing with this?', and I thought...'I don't have a clue'... I threw it out in the end as it was a bad time dietwise and I kept looking at it thinking....okay I've gained two of those....I've gained 5 of those....I've gained 10 of those....etc etc!!!

Feeding the family is okay actually. My husband is not into any convenience foods and the kids are used to having 'proper' dinners every day, meat/chicken/fish and potatoes and veg or pasta dishes, all of these work well on Slimming World. My problem has always been the nice things between meals, chocolate, cakes, ice cream, crisps I could go on and on....

I had a super hungry day today. But as I was on a green day there were plenty of tasty free foods, pasta, potatoes, parsnips, couscous and other veg. I just ate all my planned foods in bigger portions and earlier than usual. I had my supper at 4pm!! But I am so full now from the supper of roasted veg, salad and cheddar that I haven't yet had the yogurt I had planned for my dessert. I do find green days a better choice when trying to cope with hunger/comfort eating/boredom etc. The red day is suitable when I am busy and only have time to eat the food I have planned!!

Are you moving to new town/city to move in with your BF? That should be exciting!!

Take care, TB
One more thing....

Oh, as you are a fellow pizza lover, I am going to try the smash based pizza on the weekend...will let you know how I get on!!

Sorry for not being in touch for a couple days. I seem to have been busy, busy, busy....although I've not done anything constructive! On the plus side I've lost 2 lb. I think that must be from walking around everywhere. I got my '1 stone' certifcate and sticker at sw class this evening and I can safely say I'm happy as larry....who'd have thought a shiny sticker could bring such joy!

It sounds like you have a good starting point for your diet and I guess you just have to find 'alternatives' for your treats and snacks. I think as soon as I find an alternative to pizza I'll find it easy. I haven't done red or green days yet. I don't really know much about them if I'm honest. The leader at my class just said to start out with extra easy and I'm pretty happy with that for the time being. I am finding that now it's getting colder I'm getting 'comfort eating' needs more than normal, so maybe I'll look at green days in the future. My food of choice this week has been baked potato with cheese (healthy extra) with salad and sometimes some chicken. It is really warming me up on these cold evenings!

When I move in with my boyfriend I'll be moving from the Midlands up to Birkenhead (his parents), then we plan to get our own place in Chester area. It's a big move, a long way from my family, but I'm really looking forward to it and we can visit them all the time....Al and I been driving up and down to see each other for 2 years, so I know it's very do-able. People always ask how we manage the long distance, but we actually first met on holiday in Egypt so he could have lived much further afield hehe. Are you Irish born and bred? Or have you moved around at all?

Also, how is the butternut squash hunt going? Have you had much joy this week?

Love C x
....Oh and I look forward to hearing about the smash pizza. I hate mashed potato, but I get the impression it won't exactly have the same texture as mashed potato. Fingers crossed for a yummy pizza alternative! I'm going to have my first real pizza in 4 weeks this weekend. I can't really believe it's been so long. I didn't realise until I discussed it at my meeting this evening. x

Only have minute to reply, will get back on later... Good on you for losing 2 pounds!!! Hope I do the same tomorrow at my weigh in!! You guessed it..I am not Irish by birth, my father is Irish, I met my husband here when I was on holidays in 1992, we have been married since 1998, I was born and raised in Toronto. So when you say you will be two hours from 'home' I am SERIOUSLY envious!!! You can always drive back if you get homesick/fed up with the bf/fed up with the in-laws/fed up with the strange people living around you (lol) and recharge your 'coping' batteries!!!

Off I go...have a great day!! TB

ps.will look for smash in tesco, tried another supermarket during the week but they didn't have any instant potatoes...ireland is a funny country when it comes to 'spuds'...for all I know Instant potatoes are banned here!!!
Haha that did make me chuckle. Ireland has banned instant spuds....I'll bare that in mind!

I thought maybe you had a canadian connection, as you're off to Canada just before Christmas. That's a huge move to make for a relationship, but sounds like it was worth it though. I guess a few hours by car isn't too bad really. I'm excited more than scared if I'm honest. I do like to go to new places and I'd love to live abroad at some point.

Anyway, I hope your weigh in goes really well. My meal out was FANTASTIC! I didn't regret a single mouthful. Not eating pizza for so long, then having a special treat tasted so much nicer!

Take care,
C x
Hi Claire,

Glad you enjoyed your night out. Well we did not get to Tesco yesterday. Went to Aldi with the girls for the main shopping, then headed to Tesco for Activia Intensely Creamy yogurts and would have had a look for smash, but the traffic heading to the shopping centre was insane. We turned away and went to a different supermarket, and completely forgot to look for smash. Will try again.

Also found my butternut squash last week. I cut in into chunks with other veg like red onions, parsnips, carrots, potatoes, anything you like roasted really, and spray with frylight and sprinkle with salt, pepper, even cayenne or chili powder, roast in very hot oven for about half an hour. Makes the veggies really really tasty.

Well I was down another pound this week. So that makes half a stone in three weeks. Heading in the right direction and feeling good!!

Enjoy your weekend. TB
Well done. Another pound is fab! Half a stone in 3 weeks is nothing to be sniffed at. You're averaging over 2 pounds a week!

I had McDonalds Chicken Nuggets this afternoon....but I syned them so hopefully I'm not going down the fast-food slippery slope hehe. Tomorrow I'm going to London for the day with my mum, so it might be a challenging day food-wise. But this week I treated myself to the SW Food Directory which has syn values for loads of branded foods. At least if I end up grabbing a sandwich for lunch then I can work out the syns before I've eaten it!

I hope you've had a lovely weekend.
C x
Enjoy your day in London, my eldest will be twelve mid november and we are going to London the weekend after her birthday. I go twice a year to visit my fav cousin and bring one of the girls with me for one trip and we all go together for another weekend, they are on a rota 'london with mom ALONE'. The timing worked out well as it is my eldest's turn and flights were really cheap mid November.

My mini goal for London trip is to have another 5 to 7 pounds off... going November 19 so I could do it if I really tried!! My cousin is great for supporting what every diet I happen to be on at the time!! Only downfall is this fab bakery near her house, we always have to have one trip in there. When I was there last year we went to the market first and I loaded up on all sorts of fruit and then we went to bakery, we had a lovely afternoon tea buffet with a few syn ladened treats and mountains of fresh fruit!! Will do that again this year!

Good night!!

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