Passing by and thought I'd share an update


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Hi All, I was just having a quick look through at the posts. My laptop broke a while back so I've not been on for a while. But I've been given my Christmas present early, so I'm able to post again!

So what has happened since I was last on, well I'm happily maintaining. I've been wearing a size 8 dress, yes me, in a size 8:8855:.

I've been eating pretty much what I like, but being sensible with the portions. It really has been like a new start.

The next week or so I've decided to drop down the calories before Christmas and see if I can get a pound or two off, so I can afford to eat all the lovely food that will be around (again though in sensible portions...see I know what I'm doing here lol)

I am looking forward to visiting the family, as none of them have seen my since before the diet. I can't wait to see their faces!!! I fully intend on wearing the tiniest clothing that I can get into that day.

And...I finally added pictures to my album. I don't have any of me at my biggest, I avoided that camera like the plague, but there are a couple of 'Bigger' ones there so you get an idea.
Funny though cos now I'm taking pictures of myself all the time. It's really nice to fit in the camera, with space on either side now!:p

Keep going everyone, it's so worth it when you get where you want to be. As for maintenance, well yes it's really easy to just eat as you used to, but it dawned on me really quickly that although I can eat what I want, I don't by any means need to have massive amounts of anything and I like being slim way too much.

Funny how I appreciate it it much more now I've had to work for it, rather than 10 years ago when I could eat what I liked and looked like a stick.

Take care all! X
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well done you for maintaining, photos look good you must be really proud x have a good xmas x


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you look fabulous!!!! well done!!! x

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well done!