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Heyy gg ~ very kind of you to share.

Can see from your sig, that you've moved off CD onto SW ~ hope you're finding the transition is going well.

I myself have moved off CD, having pretty much reached goal, but am considering using SW to stabilise then maintain (though who knows I may just push it to lose another 1/2 stone).

So I didnt really want to join another group or attend classes and was initially thinking of maintaining the GI way, but that needs some thinking about which right now I don't have time for.

Having done SW years ago i recall it was fairly easy to follow and of course does produce the desired results, both in weightloss and maintenance.

Found the password helpful in giving me an opportunity to research into SW a bit more and have decided to definately start SW ~ so again seeing as I dont want to join a group it's great that those of you who have, help out those of us who haven't.
Hey Domino!

Was a pleasure....we are all in the same boat, anything i can do to help;):). I wish i could same the same about me being at goal before i came off CD.

I think its a great plan and if you stick to it, it really does work...but i found myself..cheating alot, and thought to myself for the price im paying, its better i come of it. I would definatly go back on it if i had about 3/4 stone to go...but as it stands i have weyyy more than that to loose, and with slimming world i can eat! lol and it isnt burning such a big whole in my pocket lol

well done on getting to goal! i hope to reach there one day:) keep up the hard work xxx
I would ask that you DONT PM the password around. I think PMing is still breaking the rules as far as Slimming World is concerned.

SW will I suspect be carefully monitoring this forum just now to ensure we are complying with their requests and any signs of the Password being PMd will probably have the same effect.

SWs complaint was the Password was being shared not that it was being posted in public

I dont think any of us want Minimins to get into bother
Hi. If you join SW online do you get the password every week, if not how do you access the site, I can't get to class at the moment and thought joining online might be a good alternative. I understand SW not wanting the password posting but it does seem a bit mean that someone from class has reported it,a bit schoolyard petty in my opinion.....:rolleyes:
if you join online you dont need a password you get access to everything via the online service xx
Thanks both for the replies. Why does your ability to spell leave you as soon as you log onto a computer........ I'm embarrassed when I read my replies ....I can spell ....Honist......I thought about doing WW, the Core Plan, have you done it, is it any good....

Hiya Vicky yes I have done core and i loved it however you have to be really organised (you cant grab a sandwich when your out for instance) you need to think about what type of eater you are do you over eat at meals or is it the snacking between meals? I am a snacker and really struggled with not being able to have anything other than fruit to keep me going between lunch and dinner, bread is not allowed unless you take it from your 21 points that are allocated for treats you also can only have brown rice and the plain ryvita. It is a very sensible plan x


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I understand where they're coming from, but it does seem a bit mean :p
Totally agree:(
As a slimming world member that goes too class- I have no issue of non members being able too access the Lifeline online- But apprently (according to a mate that is a consultant) its because WW and other diets go on too see what slimming world is doing! (how they would know this i have no idea)
It is frustrating about the password.
I have been trying to get hold of my SW councillor for the past 4 days after hurting my back and not being able to get to class. I am therfore out of touch with the site. I also rang the SW number and they told me I needed to ask my councillor....
SO yes it is frustrating passing it round.. but not as frustrating as not getting hold of it.....


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I know this is really naughty but I found it elsewhere this week by googling for it......sorry SW people, but I NEED it!!


Wants to be a yummy mummy
S: 16st4lb C: 16st4lb G: 12st0lb Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
okay put it this way...it is something that is like a peach, but something else, type in slimming world password in the google search engine......got it yet??

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