Green Days Pasta Question


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Hi All,

Out of interest, when you do green (or EE even) roughly what serving size of dry pasta do you eat?

I've made a pasta mix thing and used 200g dried wholewheat penne for me and OH but 100g each seems quite alot.

What does everyone else have?
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Well I dont use that much but a friend of mine (she only does green and loses about two pound a week) has 250g dried weight to share with her dh
she eats far more than I do and loses weight more rapidly - its a free food so if you are hungry eat it - but dont eat it just for the sake of it


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I probably get about 4 servings out of a 500g bag so that would be around 125g.


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I use 250g for 2 adults and 2 under 6's I eat about 1/3 of that


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I go by what it says on the pack which is usually 75g dry weight per person. I used to have much more than that and decided to try to have more normal portions


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I use about 250gms for OH and me.
I am not sure how much I eat of that but it's under half as I have a bowl full and OH has the same plus seconds.


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I have between 40-50g as I bulk it out with loads of vegetables and always have it with protein (chicken/seafood on EE days or quorn sausages/cottage cheese on green days)


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I have never weighed my pasta, though I don't think 100g is too much.


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75-100g per person roughly. I tend to do 200g between two of us and always give OH a bit more than me (unless I'm really hungry!)


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Normally between 100g and 150g for me, but sometimes depends on how much stuff I'm adding to it too!

Tried cooking 75g per person once and was nowhere near enough for either me or my other half!


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I weigh out 100g per person and it's plenty for us. I know we don't need to weight it but I do it to stop me cooking too much!
I also serve all pasta dishes in a bowl so it doesn't look lost on a big plate.


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Blimey, I've never weighed it but I think I have loads!! I always cook too much as both me and OH are rubbish at judging it and think I'll never eat it all, but often do :ashamed0005: Perhaps I'll try weighing it out....