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Pasta sauce...


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I make mine with a tin of tomatoes, (or sometimes passata sauce) tomato puree, and mixed herbs or oregano, and salt and pepper. Just chuck it all in :D

I add peppers, onions, and mushrooms to make it nicer and more filling. All no points! :D

Like Lola above i make my own with tinned tomatoes, and add loads veg - onions, peppers, mushrooms to it i usually add a couple tsp Bouillon powder and to liven up a bit i add just a level tsp Pataks curry paste (Madras with chilli & cumin). Yum!

Also try a tblsp red pesto on your cooked pasta - v. nice
Oxo make an Italian stock cube which I find works well in a tomato sauce, if you find the sauce tastes not quite right (I think the word maybe tart?) you can add a sprinkling of sugar or lemon juice.
I dice red onion, garlic and chilli sweat these off add passta sauce, tomato puree and peppers. I also added oregano (great herb with tomatos. Cook for 20 minutes then blend adding a handful of parsley in at the last minute of cooking.

Can then be used alone or add extra veg for a chunky sauce. Freezable too.


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I make mine with

1-2 cloves garlic grated
1 jar passata
1 tin chopped tomatoes
herbs of your choice (just ordinary dried mixed herbs works for me)
tsp sugar
2 tbsp tomato puree

et voila!

This goes a very long way as I find if you use a jar, you use far too much sauce.

hth :D


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Tin of chopped tomatoes (or 4 or 5 of fresh ones)
1 or 2 cloves of garlic (depending on your taste)
handful of fresh basil (or a teaspoon of dried)
a red pepper
a teaspoon of tomato puree
a splash of lemon juice
salt and pepper

i just shove all that in a blender and its really nice

oregano also works nice in addition to the basil!

in fact.... im going to have pasta tonight, it's made me hungry haha!

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Few Ideas

  • Passata sauce with onions, grated carrots (for texture). But make sure you cook the passata quite well, maybea low simmer for 5 mins or so, to take the raw taste away from the tomatoes.
  • Greek Yoghurt with cucumber and mint sauce and lettuce makes a really nice pasta salad.
Hope this helps.



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For extra va-va-voom in the flavour department, make sure you brown your mince (if using) in small batches in a separate pan so you get good colour on it and the sugars in it start to caramelise. Then de-glaze that pan with a good glug of red wine and add the lot to your sauce. Really boosts the flavour.

A very simple vegetarian pasta sauce is chopping up a load of veggies - carrots, plum tomatoes, red onions, leeks, red peppers and adding enough boiling water (with a spoon of vegetable bouillon) to cover them, then letting them simmer over a low heat for about 2 hours until you have what's basically a thick vegetable jam. Incredibly sweet and lusicious, really lovely with pasta.

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