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PCOS and Xenical..

Hi all. Newbie here..
I am just wondering if anyone has experience of losing weight with xenical who has PCOS. because I've been on a very low carb diet for PCOS; I'm worried that now my GP has prescribed xenical I will put weight on from changing from very low carb to low fat..

I'm hoping to start on Friday so reducing my fat intake to prepare lol.

Thanks :)
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I also have PCOS (not diagnosed but 3 doctors have guessed) and my GP prescribed me xenical and one of her reasons was that PCOS is slowing me down and this should help, so I see no reason why it won't work.

As for the change in diet, you might either have a big loss or have no loss as your body adjusts. I always think a new diet makes your body go "omg what's going on" and gives you a better loss tho!

Good luck x

Edited to say I meant when your body adjusts in the first week!!
Okay, brilliant! Thankyou :)
Thanks evilpenguin, I was worrying because I've been told by so many that it's only really the carb intake that slows you down, usually if I even have just one slice of bread a day (be it white or wholegrain) I put weight on. So I'm just worried that if I start increasing my 'good' carb intake, my weight will pile on again! I guess I might just risk it though if it's worked for others! :)
Just see how you get on hun! If you find after a couple of weeks it's not working for you, go back to your GP and explain. Perhaps you could incorporate another diet in with the xenical? I follow Slimming World so I'm watching syns as well as fat content.. but honestly it's only been 3 days so we'll see what happens at WI lol.
I will definitely give it a go! :)

Not sure about incorporating another diet with it as funds are low and brands are expensive! Also I've been on many before and they haven't suited my bodies reaction to carbs! :(
I think I will probably just try to keep both fat and carbs to a minimum! Thanks for the advice! :)


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Hi, do you use my fitness pal? it may be worth you using that site as you can track you fat and carbs intake.

good luck

I haven't used it before but I'v just signed up! :) Thanks for the suggestion, it looks like it could be really handy!


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make sure when going from a low carb diet, that you gradually introduce the carbs...
and also make sure what ever you buy have wholemeal as possible (eg no white bread, rice, pasta etc..) its not good for PCOS...
Thanks for the reply Kes,
Yeah I haven't had white carbs in forever! but I find wholemeal much more tastier anyway :) - The only problem I'm having is finding something to take to uni that's low carb and low fat, as some days I'm there all day and have no way of heating anything up..and I don't really want to jump straight into having pasta or a sandwich!

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