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Discussion in 'Atkins Diet' started by iwannabeslim1, 26 February 2014 Social URL.

  1. iwannabeslim1

    iwannabeslim1 Full Member

    Hi Everyone

    Are we allowed peanut butter during induction? If so how do we calculate the net carbs??
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  3. donnahodgson

    donnahodgson Member

    I haven't been sticking strictly to the food list; more using it as a guise so I've been having peanut butter in celery. Net carbs is total carbs minus fibre. I think as long as your net carbs don't exceed 20 a day and you spread your carbs out then it all still works. I bought some ketosis testing strips off ebay and I am in ketosis and have lost 5lb in 4 days so far!!! So I say a bit of peanut butter can't hurt!
  4. kat923

    kat923 Member

    If your from the UK the fibre is already deducted so the carb you read is the carbs that's net.
  5. Kat1e

    Kat1e This is for life

    Nuts are technically not allowed on induction. Less to do with the carbs and more because they are a trigger food for many people as well as packing a calorie punch. They are added back in next phase very carefully. For example I have to avoid peanuts and therefore peanut butter at all costs as I am completely unable to control myself. All other nuts fine for me - in fact they are my emergency food. I always have a bag with me especially if I might miss a meal or need to avoid temptation. Have saved me many times! Everyone different

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