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Hi gang.

A couple of years back I bought a pedometer to check how many steps a day I was managing. It was an eye-opener because on university days I would do at least 14,000-15,000 and on stay at home days less than a fifth of this total!

Yesterday I dug the poor thing out of a drawer and put it in my cardi pocket. Total for yesterday - uni morning and a walk back from town - 14,778 before I stopped counting.

Today I am at home and I did a quick 1,000 jog-on-the-spot before brekkie. I will try to do at least six thousand daily whilst at home, and more if possible.

I think the pedometer is a great tool to encourage more walking which can only be a good thing!


I have just completed the second of two short but brisk TV jogging sessions. Step count so far - over 3,000. The Governmental official advice a couple of years back was a minimum of 2,000 steps daily. Now it is 10,000 but any extra steps are worthwhile.

I am gonna keep this pedometer on my person most of the time, most days!
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I am going to get one of those, the only exercise I do is taking the kids to school in the morning, it does involve an uphill 3/4 mile trek home pushing the baby in her not so light pram, so better than nothing;)
good idea. my only exercise is 10 mins walking to the office in the morning and then back home. shame. i could do much more actually.i will buy one pedometer tomorrow :)
That sound a good idea. I'm thinking about starting up jogging/slow running (haha!) and want something to track my progress.

Any pedometer recommendations?


Clean green leafy machine
There's an app for that :)
Haha true. I've always been a bit dubious about taking my iphone out whilst running etc in case I dropped it.

Ps. Did you manage to fix your 3GS?


Clean green leafy machine
Nooo wahhh - in the end I took it to the Genius bar where they figured out that it was cream crackered and organised a replacement, pick it up tomorrow. £139, not bad I thought - and can flog it on eBay for more once the 5 is out :)
Bummer :( Ah well, at least you've got a working PORTAL TO THE INTERNET again tho. :)


Clean green leafy machine
Tell me about it - everyone else in Brum was googling and posting like mad and I had a clucky old Samsung :( And have realised that my addiction to Rise of Atlantis has taken hold bigtime - will have to have a marathon sesh once I synch the new one tomorrow :)
Back to yet again sing the praises of the humble pedometer. I have literally walked miles today, because I can now judge fairly accurately the number of steps from, say, university to my house. And how many steps I rack up by jogging on the spot in front of the TV for twenty to thirty minutes!

Today alas I lost my precious wee pedometer. At £6.99 from amazon it was not a fancy one - no calories or stride calculations (didn't need those, anyway) - but it worked a treat and has encouraged me to walk and walk. Tonight, as soon as I got home, I ordered another exactly the same!

Dr. Atkins himself said, 'exercise is non-negotiable'. The beauty of walking is that it is free and very easy to do. I found-out online that if you jog or very briskly walk your daily 10,000 steps you burn off far more calories than you would walking at a leisurely or medium pace.
So you could do 6,000 steps perhaps at a jogging pace and gain even more calorie burning and aerobic benefit than walking the full 10,000.

I totally recommend a basic pedometer. I now think about the real, measurable benefits of walking more and will mostly choose to walk rather than take the bus - even when it is raining!
The replacement, identical Sportline Step and Distance Pedometer arrived this morning. Full marks to amazon.co.uk for superfast delivery.

Oh - and it does calculate stride length!

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