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People who are or were around 300lb?


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What exercise can you or do you do?
I'm struggling to find something i can do comfortably, i have a bad left knee (weight related) and a bad right ankle (falling of curb related) and I'm a chronic asthmatic. I used to love swimming but the thought of getting in a costume now makes me want to sob.
I really want to do something so any tips ideas would be great?
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I would recommend Swimming because it is the best for when you are injured - i have back problems(weight related) and knee problems(ice skating accident) my neuro surgeon has said swimming was the best possible exercise... however i can empathize, i hate going swimming because of the embarrasment... though you could try the aquaaerobics as i found its also usually overweight people at these classes and so i feel more comfortable....

I think the key is really to start moving in some way, short walks that can be built up eventually. If you wanted to invest in the wii and get he wii active by ea sports its great and can be adjusted to your fitness levels and no embarrasment cause your in your own home.

You could also try yoga classes they are gentle movement but i can tell you they def work at trimming you up.

With your injuries the best thing might be to ask your doctor what would be suitable for you.


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agreed swimming is the key i found and they do aqua classes too which you dont feel until the next day ;) hehe other than this just a gentle walk round ... try find some little hills to go up etc or the wii, you can get little exercises to help you start off with on various different games :) good luck hun, oh and i didnt exercise for the first 3 months of ww as i too didnt know what to do because of my weight and it didnt affect my weigh losses... but then when i did start exercising my weight seemed to sts and only moved when i stopped again lol, my body takes exercise as just toning and not helping towards weight loss, not everyone is the same but just in case you find your losses slow up then dont worry just your body getting use to the exercise :) xxx
I started swimming last year, then chickened out of it... but it was good exercise. Maybe I will manage to force myself into that cossie again!!!
How are you for walking? I'm about the same weight you're asking about, I have ordered a pedometer and when this arrives, I am going to start with a 30 minute walk each day. Walking's not too hard on impact, and it's extra movement than I would be doing, so Im hoping that this will do some good. I don't want to start too hard and put myself off...

I've heard Yoga is good, but personally, I feel awkward trying to bend into those positions, the belly and boobs get in the way...!

Good luck on whatever you decide to get going with. Little changes make big differences :)
S: 16st5lb C: 15st12.5lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 38.2 Loss: 0st6.5lb(2.84%)
The boobs def do get in the way in Yoga i'm a 42 F and in some poses yeah i almost smother myself!! But I think everyone is so focused on whether they are doin the pose right they don't look at others... alot of people actually keep their eyes closed during yoga poses... i tend to pick a spot of the wall to stare at to keep me balanced.

I think as has been mentioned above, swimming, or water based exercise will be best Aqua aerobics is fab, and it is mainly bigger women there, and tends to be on at times when there's few people hanging around the pool (they usually shut the rest of the pool)!!

There's also some swimming cossies out there which you may feel more comfortable in. I know Simply Be do one that's a tankini top (belly coverage!!) and a skirt over a part of longish short type bottoms (bum and thigh coverage). I know this coz I own one,and found it really good for making me feel less self conscious!

Bottom line, keep in mind that a) you will look better and better every time you go, and b) once you're in the water, people cant see you anyway!!

If you're still worried about swimming, perhaps contact the instructors of the local classes to you, explain your problems, and they can tell you if their classes are suitable I know at my Zumba class there are a couple of people with mobility restrictions, but the instructor just shows them lower impact moves, or they tone it down slightly.

Big hugs, you'll get there!!



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First, I was horrified about going swimming (I started here at 275lbs, 5ft 6) and the thought of "slim pretty people" seeing me squidged into a costume was terrifying!

BUT I went! I spent almost an hour hiding in the changing cubicle waiting til the changing room was empty so I could sneak through! I skirted along the wall, tugging at my costume and trying to strategically place my arms over my stomach to try and hide it...

And while I was performing this weird act, the MAIN thing I noticed was.. NO ONE NOTICED ME! Didn't I feel stupid :p

So now I pop along sling off my clothes and jump right in :D

Other exercise!

I had/still have leg problems which are made worse due to weight - this means treadmills and running are out of the question.

What I DO like is the reclined stationary bikes - they put less pressure through my knees. Also, if going to the gym - try out all the weight machines. The more muscle you make, the more muscle there is burning your fat :D so win win all round.

Another thing I love is aerobics dvds, they're usually pretty easy to modify for your level - I can't for the life of me jump, so when the instructor does a star jump, I do side steps..

At the weight I started, any movement was amazing so I didn't feel like a cheat simplifying the workouts.

Hope that helps :)
Oooh, yeah, good point missjelly!!

Home exercise!! It's teh dogs, no one cares about your wibbles or wobbles (although I'm sure my neighbours have got more than they bargained for once of twice!! :)), you can adjust it to your ability/restrictions, and you can take breaks whenever you need to This should get you back into exercise and free up your self esteem to get down the pool!!



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I do have ea active but the leg strap doesn't fit and i've never found an expander. My wii fit board is broken, it objects whenever i stand on it (can't blame it) We have just moved house and there is a swimming pool just down the road and its apparently quiet so i might bribe hubby into coming with me in the evenings as its adults because i really should go only downside is they don't do classes.
I could see things going terribly wrong with yoga, i could see me falling over during the tree move and causing a domino effect, lol. Thanks for all the replies x x
I find the same with the leg strap too, such a pain since it is a good work out... :(

Hope you get hubby along to the pool :) It'd be good to have support there too!!!
S: 16st5lb C: 15st12.5lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 38.2 Loss: 0st6.5lb(2.84%)
Yeah i had the same problem with the EA strap at first, but mine came with a little extra bit of velco - wasn't ideal but not i can fit the strap on its just v. tight on me.... it's really silly they should make these things better.

Of course now i wish i had the xbox kinnect instead cause no straps or anything needed its sensor just follows your movements and they have the ea game for it too - too late now since i own a wii and no way i'm buying a second console.

Give the pool a go and see how you feel about it... for the aquaaerobics i've seen women getting into the pool with t-shirts on... or you could do my old trick of having the towel around be right until i get to the poolside and then leave my towel at the edge for getting out.

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