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Hi all

I'm on my first day of LT and its so far so good
:) Mixed my first vanilla shake with coffee & ice and it was okay.

Anyhow, I just wondered if its okay to put pepper into the soup?? I'm sure I've seen on here someone who has added it but I'm unsure if its allowed.

Also, I've been and bought some peppermint tea this morning but I'm not sure how to do the mint/choc shakes. Please can someone let me know.

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I will be skinny again!!!

Some people say no to pepper because its apparently a Berry?

But I added a pinch to my soup the whle way through lipotrim, and I had a soup pretty much everyday and it didnt effect my weight loss or ketosis for me!

As for mixing the peppermint tea

Just make the peppermint tea as you normally would and add the chocolate or vanilla powder to it and wisk it up, either with a whisk or an electric hand blender

Dont put it in your shaker if its warm though other wise your kitchen will be decorated in it lol!!

Let us know if you enjoy it and good luck xxxx
thank you ChellyWellyBoot - I think for the first week I'll skip the pepper, just to be on the safe side.

I'll give the mint-choc a go later on & I'll let you know how I get on with it.

Managed to get 2 litres of water down so far and will have the next 2 litres gone pretty soon. I am struggling a bit with the water side as I've never been one for drinking loads. I will do it though and I cannot wait for my weigh in on Friday. I just hope my weight loss will be ok as I'll only have been doing it 6 days when I go back.

Thanks again x


I will be skinny again!!!
Your very welcome

I carried a litre bottle arround with me all the time and its unbelievable how much you drink without realising it!!

I went back after 6 days too and my loss was good for the first week!

Just make sure you dont cheat or pick at any food and you will have a good loss :)

Were you dieting before LT? xx
You should still see a good weight loss after six days just stick to the shakes 100% and you will be thrilled . Welcome as well , you are roughly same height and weight as I was starting . I lost 2.5 stone in seven weeks and feel so much better. Am trying to loose another stone with healthy eating. It really does work . I found the water hard going too. (We could be twins!!!!). Just keep a bottle near you in the kitchen and sip away . I really only ever managed about 2-3 litres but it seemed to be enough for me. Best of luck with week one. Day4-5 can be the hardest until ketosis kicks in then the hunger is not as bad. Keep us updated on your progress and post any moans, questions you need a hand with .there is always someone around to help .:D
thanks ladies!! appreciate the advice.
i just had the chicken soup with nothing in it and its not bad at all. actually, I'd say it tastes better than some low-cal cuppa soups!!
I have bought a litre bottle of water which will not leave my side and will be topped up regularly.
I wasn't dieting before I started this. I have done Slimming World in the past and did pretty well on that but I've since put it all back on (and a bit beside!).
I'm really focused on this and I'll not be cheating. I've got a wedding to go to in 10 weeks and my ex is my +1 (we're still good friends) so I'm determined to look knockout in a stunning dress.
I'm hoping the ketosis kicks in without too many hunger pains cos I know that if I'm going to buckle it will be when I'm really hungry......I'm going to have to try to keep myself busy and have a few early nights I think!!
Thanks again for your comments and support xx


Positivity is the key
Hi and welcome, hope you are getting through the first day alright, it's nearly over so day 2 coming. Take the advice you see on here and you will do fine. Wishing you all the best for the week and look forward to hearing about your weight loss.
Thank you Doirin!! x
i want to lose 2stone 7 lbs in the next 7 weeks (like the michillinwoman from limerick) - up Munster!! keep it together girls like the boys in rugby we won't be beaten!
love munchies xo

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