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perfect comeback for an insult!


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There was I, walking along, when I had to pass by 5 men eating their lunch on a bench. One says loudly, "Cor I wouldn't fancy bouncing on her", pointing at me.
Quick as a flash I turn round, look him in the eyes and say "With your face, mate, you wouldn't get the chance!"
I walked proudly away, glad that for once I had the perfect comeback, instead of thinking of it 10mins later!
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LOL! Nicely done!


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ha ha ha ha brilliant!! PSML xx


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Love it (your comeback not what that t**t said!)


He deserved to be put in his place after what he said and I bet he won't be making such comments about anyone else in such a hurry!
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LOL! Well done, I usually think of a great comeback 10 mins later as well! I am sure his mates had a good laugh at his expense!


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I hope he went scarlet and his mates laughed at him. Great comeback and well done you for being so quickwitted and not letting it get you down!


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Well done!!!!! good on you, i only usually think of things 10 mins later too x

Mrs V

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He he!! Well done you for such clever thinking!
Men like him dont deserve a partner!


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thats brilliant! Bet that shut the evil man up! :p

a good comeback is 'i can lose the weight but what can you do about your ugly mug?!'
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Slap it up him the cheeky git!


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Well done you. I just go red and go home and make myself miserable for days over comments like that. I wish I was witty and quick!