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Personal question for ladies...


VLCDs are known to affect your periods because the hormones that stimulate it are stored in fat ... they can be heavier or lighter, more frequent or stop completely. This is only temporary and sorts itself out once you start maintenance.

Hope that helps

Ive not noticed a change in that side of things,but im not crabby or shouting at everyone lol didnt even know they were on the way! No bloating or anything so far.
Im guessing thats because ive not been having sugar etc that makes these things worse.
Does it affect your weight loss? (if you do get bloated?)
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It's very feasible that it's a combination of less sugar, feeling more positive about yourself cos you are now taking control and changes in hormones due to fat loss. Enjoy it :)

As for weight & bloating; it may do by a very small temporary amount due to water retention.. .but again water is retained in our fat stores.. so the less fat...:D
I didn't even realise mine was on its way and I am normally terrible - I had no pains or anything so all good - I had a really heavy period and still no pains !!! :eek:
Well I've started having them regularly again after about 10 years of hardly any periods at all..not good. My cycle seems to extend a week each month and they are a lot heavier but only last 3-4 days (5-7 days before). First 4 months I used to have pains and sore boobs before they started but last month nothing at all and this month nothing again (although last week I did have some pain) but still no period.
@ Awaken Me - I presume you've been thoroughly checked out by a gynaecologist? I had a really bad patch a few years ago where my cycle went haywire and I was diagnosed with "non specific uterine disorder" and had tranxemic acid for the really heavy ones. NSUD is apparently on the rise in women in their late 20s and 30s and is where the cycle is irregular etc but there is no specific reason found for why e.g. cysts, fibroids. Means you are left just trying to control the symptoms .. not fun. I was eating painkillers. But over the last 1-2 years everything seems to have settled down again in comparison.
I'm pleased someone is talking about this!
I don't notice any difference between before CD and on CD, always have cramps, bloating, moodiness etc and pretty heavy flow too.
I do have a question though - my cycle is anywhere between 21 days and 31 days and there doesn't seem to be a pattern to it at all. I came off the pill Aug 2009 as we're TTC but my crazy unpredictable cycle really isn't helping matters. Last month I was excited because around day 24ish I got nausea, sore boobs etc but no sign of cramps and period starting. Turned out it was one of my longer cycles and came on day 29. So in about 14 months I think I've had about 17/18 periods.
I'm registering with a new doctor today (moved house) so should I be pushing them to take this seriously? I'm really worried about being seen to be 'making a fuss'.

Thanks x
Hi Isie

The 28 day cycle is only an average... some people have 30 days... some people 20-25.... some people range between the 2....it's like bowel movements... what's normal for you is normal for you. When you came off the pill it may have taken a few months for your cycle to kick back in (as the period you have on the pill is not a true period) so hence you may have noticed that your periods have become a bit more regular over the last 12 months or so. Also studies have shown that obesity can affect regularity as the hormones are affected by %tage body fat. It tends to be when the cycle gets wider than about 35 days or more frequent than 14 days that it starts becoming considered "abnormal".

Menstruation-Ovulation, PMS, Period. Informative Source. is a good site for information

Hope that helps


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