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philadelphia light garlic and herb syns? or hex?

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by Fatty_no_more, 13 February 2009 Social URL.

  1. Fatty_no_more

    Fatty_no_more Slimming for my children

    I bought some just assuming it was a hex and now am having second thoughts.

    I really fancy having this with bacon and taglietelli and having it as a carbonara sort of mix as i used to do this on ww core.

    Lemme know.
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  3. Fatty_no_more

    Fatty_no_more Slimming for my children

    pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese can someone help me i am starving lol.
  4. VITFA

    VITFA Well-Known Member

    hey ive looked on website but nothing coming up, can you give me the contents, ie the calories,fat ect and ill check it
  5. Fatty_no_more

    Fatty_no_more Slimming for my children

    cheers hun

    100g is 155kcal protein is 8.2g varb is 3.9 of sugars is 3.9 fat is 11.5g of sats 7.9 fibre is 0.4g sodium is 0.4g

  6. Principessa N

    Principessa N Minimins Addict

    its 2 syns per 28g and my consultant said you can have 75g for a hexb on green day, i have it all the time with pasta!
  7. Fatty_no_more

    Fatty_no_more Slimming for my children

    oh wicked so therefore I can have it as a hex as I am on ee today!

    thank you thank you thank you.

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