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Physical fat

Quick question folks.

When you reach your perfect weight, should you still be able to feel/see fat on your body?

I've lost weight, and am now running and working out to shift the last few pounds and get back in shape. The only thing is, I'm down to 175 lbs but I can still feel and see fat in my neck, a bit on my face, and quite a bit around my waist.

Is that always going to remain there? For career reasons I need to get in fit physical shape, so I'm trying to nock my body fat percentage down to about 8%... can I expect all that fat to have disappeared by then?

Thanks in advanced folks!
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I don't want to rain on your parade, but 8% body fat is what you might be aiming for as an elite athlete or bodybuilder (Michael Phelps has 8% body fat, as an example). Are you working out to that extent? Do you plan to? If not, you need to shift your goal otherwise you're setting yourself up for disappointment.

Back to your question, though. At 8% body fat you'd look really cut - you wouldn't have any excess fat visible anywhere. I have to ask - what is your job that you are aiming for that %?

Good on ya for everything you've done so far, but if you want to get cut to that extent, we're talking a lot of hard work and a change to your nutrition. Cut yourself some slack - do you really want to be that lean and are you willing to do the work that goes with it? If so, great, but find yourself a trainer or get on some bodybuilding forums and take a look at your nutrition. Good luck! :)
When I say fit, I unfortunately mean extremely fit. It's a position within the civil service which requires a lot of stamina. I know I'm certainly no athelete, I'm running for about 5 miles, 4 days a week at the moment, with a 3 day stamina strength training workout.

Perhaps your right, maybe 8% is too low. About 10% should cut it? I'm really not aiming for a specific number, I'd just like to see the fat disappear as I get fitter, that was the thing that was worrying me.


I'm not saying 8% is too low - I just wanted to make sure you were aware of what that meant.

There's nothing 'unfortunate' about being extremely fit :)

Go for it!
The ones in the intelligence sector.


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perfect weight is just a figure mate. doesnt mean anything because weight varies with different physical makeups, muscles and fat.

so if you have fat stored around the body, then clearly that is excess fat and ideally you'd like to remove it. thats the rule im going by anyway. when i see my weight on the scales it doesnt mean anything to me, when i touch my stomach and see the flab, that says i need to continue running.

(and does anyone know how to change the stats on the left side of the screen?)
(and does anyone know how to change the stats on the left side of the screen?)
Yep, if you go to 'User CP' at the top left hand corner of the blue bar. Then click on 'edit your details' at the top of theleft hand side, then you'll be able to change your stats there.
lol dam, maybe i shouldnt have done that.

my stats are minus now. lol.

in my defence, that goal weight is a prediction. i not only want to loose fat, i want to gain muscle as well. and muscle weighs more than fat, so then i might loose and gain weight, not really sure, not too bothered about it either. 1 thing for sure, ive gained 10 pounds since ive began this forum (not my fault though, i blame exams, neck injury and foot injury).
You'll get there, like you say it's not all about weight but how you feel when you look at yourself. Especially if you want to gain muscle too, think it's a bit different for men. My hubby's bmi puts him at overweight, although he doesn't carry a lot of fat but is physicaly fit in a demanding job so has quite a lot of muscle.
ah i see....is he a big build or a normal build?

i really dont want big build, because it starts giving some problems of being fat. like siting down in a chair, the bigger you are the more uncomtable it is.

gonna hit the gym starting from next week. ooh yeah.
No he's normal build, not too muscley like a body builder lol, just has quite a lot of muscle, definitely not too much fat. Nice and fit, although he has been fitter and had more muscle than he has now as he used to work out a lot with weights.
your husband sounds like my sort of man, in the straight man to man sort of way.

yeah il be doing weights while doing sliming world and cardio vascular. hopefully that muscle il be gaining will help to burn more and more calories and increase my weight loss.

i really want to wear shirts with 2-3 buttons left open, with tight jeans.


gunna be a fatty for ever
hey there was just wondering if u r doing it alone or going to sw class?

love katie xxx

i got all my materials of the internet so im almost ready to begin slimming world.

about classes. i dont see the point of going to classes for me personally. i have a very basic diet of mostly chicken and rice, and fast food. so i need to make very little adjustments to my diet to conform with slimming world, mostly cutting out coke and general junk food.

if you like to vary your diet, then it probably would be a good idea to go down to a few of the slimming world classes so your sure your eating the right stuff and amounts. also if you lack will power and motivation, i would also suggest classes.

but lets all remember, diet is only one part of weight loss (fat loss). if no exercise happens, the body just gets used to the new diet and adjusts .

(and by the way, i think the stats calculation maybe wrong on this site??. e.g. your total weight loss is 10, and weight to lose is 46. then youve lost about 20% of your weight ([10/46]x100 should be give around 20), but the site says 4.46%, i think its doing it the wrong way round).

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