piling on weight on refeed


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hey guys did any of you put ion weight on the refeed this is my secomd time on it and am puttin on weight,am just hungry all the time and craving chocolate the strange thing is i never ate much choc before lt so not sure wat thats all about.think am gona have to go back on the main plan again when i come back from my hols in 2 weeks...
i cant speak for everyone but i lost 2lb on the refeed week did you get a refeed sheet from the pharmacy?? i followed it to the letter
could also just be water weight youve put on hopefully it will soon start evening itself out good luck x
i have only recently gained 5lbs over christmas time,did my refeed at the end of august, i did go through phases of craving food and feeling like i wanted to binge on it but i resisted, i think me having the gallstones is the main reason as to why i havent over indulged too much if i am honest as i have been 2 scared to eat fattening etc foods in case it triggered an attack, so after my op is when i really have to be careful, although i feel i will be ok as i have got myself into a good routine.

good luck hun if you do go back onto tfr,there are a few threads on here that u can read through to give you ideas of what to eat when you refeed so u can check if you are doing it properly etc, maybe you could have a chat with your doctor or something,maybe they will have an idea why u are getting the cravings. best to take control while you can.

thanks guys think il have a chat with them coz am starving all the time,eating so much im getting sick,dont know wats goin on,but it has to stop thanks again