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pizza hut........ HELLLLLLLP

My daughter gets the results of her transfer test on saturday morning, and her granny and granda have invited the entire family out for dinner to celebrate her result, whatever the outcome.
She got to choose and has chosen Pizza Hut... could it BE any worse.????
What will I do.?
I have been not too bad with the syns so far this week, approx 7 every day, so have a few saved up.
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salad bar.? are you kidding me.? so you mean lettuce tomato and cucumber then lol.
have you checked out the syns in bacon bits, coleslaw, potato salad, pasta salad and every dressing.?
Hmmmmmm, even my consultant agreed that a slice of pizza would be better than the salad bar.
Thinking maybe a pasta dish, but just checked out their menu and they all have creamy sauces and cheese. Will see if they have a tomato based pasta dish with no cheese... FFS just shoot me now. LMAO


all for my little man x
I had pizza hut a few weeks ago and went for a king prawn pasta dish, it was the only one in a tomato sauce (didn't have any cheese either)! Think you can have it with chicken aswell :) Not super healthy, but I had no other syns all day so figured that would probably cover the sauce!!!
wishing your daughter the best of luck xxx
just had a quick look in back of syns book (eating out bit) and it says hi-light individual pizza cut into 4 slices is
7 syns vegetarian
7.5 syns ham
7.5 syns chicken.
You could have half a pizza for 15 syns or you could just have a flexi day and have the other half too!!

Enjoy your meal whatever you choose:)
I have family coming over to visit at the week end from Scotland and they are bringing their kids with them and are on a budget , they suggested eating in Pizza Hut on Sat as kids eat free , I can see where they are coming from , however , what the hell use is that to me. I even thought of a slice of pizza and the rest salad , but looking at the above posts , even the salad bar is fattening , god help me!!!!
why not offer to cook for them.. you're in control then and it's got to work out cheaper than pizza hut unless they have a dozen kids to feed.. ( and I'm sure there's a limit at pizza hut of 1 or 2 kids per adult.. or there would be people turning up with a minibus full of kids and one adult.. )
Does anyone happen to know how many syns in a pizza hut chicken arrabiata? I can't find it on slimming world's website and I have text my leader but she hasn't replied. If it's 20+ syns I don't want it but it sounds pretty harmless "Large pasta spirals in a deliciously spicy chilli, garlic and tomato sauce, with chicken breast or king prawns" I am sure it has some oil/fat/sugar but I would feel loads better if I knew!!!
You should avoid the deep pan, or cheesy bites crusts, and maybe reduce the syns by asking for reduced fat cheese, or no cheese, or half the cheese. Also anything with processed meat on, like pepperoni is going to be quite high in syns.

Basically, don't do what I did last saturday and have 2 slices of a Super Supreme, Large Cheesy Bites Pizza - grand total of 40 syns!:sigh:

On the Pasta Dish I can't find anything about the syns. I have a similar dish in Zizzis and always count 6 syns for the Olive Oil thats in it but thats about it. Pasta would definately be much better for pizza.

Or maybe have a Salad, and then nick a slice of your daughters pizza so you don't feel left out :)


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Their (Pizza Hut not Zizzi's) pasta dishes are brought in frozen and cooked in the microwave so I wouldn't have thought you'd have to worry about any oil in it
Also wanted to add; it is really really filling, and nice and spicy. I also usually half the potato wedges with the OH if we want a starter for only 4 syns (but dont forget to syn/not use the dip)

Pizza Hut Side Orders, Potato Wedges 260g serving
8 Syns on Extra Easy


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