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the best one would be to make your own - use low fat cheese, passata, oregano, and then depending on green/red day - veg or meat?
not sure about how many syns the base would be though!


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yes will have to have a look how many syns are in a base x


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Have you tried the smash pizza recipe?

Smash Pizza

Packet Smash - I just use the plain one
Mixed herbs
Cheese (I use mine from either HeA or HeB)

1. Mix up quantity of smash - make it thick enough to mold.
2. Spray baking tray with frylight, shape smash onto tray in whatever shape you like (I just keep to standard circle!), spreading it out thinly. Spray the top of the smash and put in pre-heated hot oven (around 200) cook until crisp. I turn mine over during cooking so that its crispy!
3. Warm through the passata, garlic and mixed herbs.
4. When "base" is cooked, spoon over the passata mixture. Sprinkle over chopped mushrooms, sweetcorn, peppers and onion.
5. Top with grated cheese and return to oven until cheese golden


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if you buy the base mix from example morrisons and you make one packet up to share a pizza between the two (it does stretch as I make my own all time) the base is 5 syns and its good to make your owne bases as you can vent your frustration out on the dough lol