Plain Big Mac/Whopper etc?


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My OH eats all of his burgers from these places plain. Basically just burgers in a bun. I noticed the points in the eating out guide for a big mac is 9.5. Is this with salad cheese and sauce? If so what would my OH point this as? Just wondering as we are thinking of going out tomorrow for a family treat. Thanks in advance :)
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on the Maccies website its got; Big Mac; 490kcals and 10g sat fat... works out as 9.5 points and that's with everything included on it, cheese sauces salad etc! :)

Is it me or has Mcdonalds changed the values again?? I'm sure before Big Mac's were 13 points??? and their medium fries were 5.5?? ... just worked both out off the website (and from my packets, had one earlier!) and now fries medium are only 5 points?!? .. only 0.5 a point different for chips, but 3.5 for burger??? might just be me?