Planning, Wobbles and Hormones!


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Ive had some serious Wobbles over the last few weeks, and I was gaining weight with the hormones but now im feeling that I'm gaining weight and I feel stuffy for it, fat and horrible! (we're talking 7lbs over 4 months) but I can FEEL it.

So i 1. need a virtual kick up the bum
and 2. how does everyone plan?

I find the latter hard, because I dont always know what my diary is going t be like being self employed etc.

I am moving premisies for work so its going to be a bit easier because I am going to HAVE to take my own food for lunch and snack - where at the Cafe they do Jacket Potato and Beans (and salad)

So...I just need a bit of help and a bit of steering in the right direction. I do know "what im doing" but my mind isn't in it and I know when I plan I stick to it...ARGH!!

Help to keep me on track would be great!

Thanks x
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With regards to planning, sit down one evening and search through SW recipes that can be made up and frozen, then set aside an afternoon to make and freeze them. Then if you are at home and have time you have the option to cook fresh or add extra veg and if not you can grab something from the freezer and defrost (if you have a microwave). Jacket and beans is ok on a green day but I can imagine it would get a bit samey?
I've not been at this long myself but have found the big batch/freeze thing really works.


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I'm a big fan of making freezable food! I don't do the big day of cooking loads of meals - all I do is make double of what I need when I do have time to cook, and then freeze the leftovers. If I'm home late, I can just heat up something from a previous week - if I've got time, I'll make something fresh and restore the freezer stocks at the same time!

At the beginning it can be a bit boring as your freezer doesn't have many meals in it, but after a while it's like a gourmet restaurant in there :)!

I also have a few emergency meals - a couple of pasta n sauce packets, a few syn free tinned foods and the like - for when it's really late!

Planning: I don't always know what my week will be like - I work shifts and sometimes eat with the OH, so I'm not always needing to make a dinner. I used to go to the supermarket once a week, but found I was wasting food by not using it. I keep a recipe journal in the car with some of my favourite recipes, so if I'm on my way home and have nothing in the house ready to be cooked, I can pop into the supermarket and get the ingredients I need.

Lunches: Invest in a soup flask! It's like a thermos but with a really wide neck - you can keep soup hot in it (what a surprise) but also pastas and stews. I got bored of salads quite quickly when I was working somewhere without a microwave...

Good luck with your journey!