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Playing devils advocate if I may.


When I was going to refeed everyone told me to eat vegetables and protein as I would possibly stay in keytosis.

My question or proposition is that if I had 2 shakes and a salad or vegetables wouldn't I therfore stay in keytosis and still loose weight but not have this terrible urge for food?

Second to that, would a diet in veg and protein not result in ketosis? in which case, wouldn't it also be cheaper to follow that instead of £36-45 a week? I could get a LOT of veg for that.

I love lipotrim and am still following it 100%, like I said I am playing devils advocate, I would love it if you could enlighten me as this is something that occured to me recently.

Plus I am moving house to the countryside in 2 weeks and not sure whether to keep going because the nearest pharmacy is around 20 miles away.

Thank you xxxxx
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I don't know if this applies to your pharmacy, but, mine let's me buy my packs in bulk (as I don't drive & it's a fairly long walk away) so you might be able to do that if the distance is a concern? It's just, looking at your ticker you don't really have all that far to go & it seems like a shame to come off LT when you've done so well so far.

In terms of ketosis; I know there are some people that do the two shakes & one meal thing, I think they might be on the maintenance forum. Not sure. Of course, the Atkins Diet is based on ketosis also, so if you followed those rules you'd be losing weight in a similar fashion; though, from what I remember of it, veg doesn't play a massive part in Atkins due to the carb content.



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..... and .... you'd probably be hungry (which you're not on LT) and may not be getting all your nutrients .... ? x

Didnt think about bulk, I will ask!

I love this diet, I was only askin questions as I was wondering. I have some shakes left over (From accidentily missed days) so I was thinkin of ways to extend them while staying in ketosis.

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