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PLEASE! Can I just lick the bacon??

S: 17st1lb C: 11st9lb G: 11st1lb BMI: 27.1 Loss: 5st6lb(31.8%)
OMG my family are trying to send me insane :cry:

They decided this eve to have bacon sarnies for tea!

I can`t believe that for a family that usually eats so healthily, They have picked my first week on LT to eat foods that are naughty but oh so yummy!!!!!!!!

Please please PLEASEEEEEE can I just LICK the bacon? :rolleyes::rotflmao:

Ok... I have officially lost the plot!! I have sat here sniffing them :cry::rolleyes:

Off for my Strawberry shake then eh?!!! :rolleyes:
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Life is not a Rehersal!
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hahahah - gosh, arent you being so good! I tell you, if you are able to resist on your first week, just think how strong you will be on the other weeks.

We seem to develop a strong sense of smell on this diet :) So, no licking, but smelling is allowed :)

I have just made some homemade oven chips (just harvesting our spuds today), made some lovely spicy lentil burgers and cooked them and some nice tomato and courgette salad.......well, the smell is just divine, totally!!! And, I am sitting here with my choc shake :) But, in an hour or so the smell will be gone, and it will be fine.

You will get used to knowing that food is just not part of your life for a while and you will actually start to appreciate smells, etc.

I do think you are doing great and it is good you keep jumping on here and telling us....:)

Have a good evening...and enjoy your shake..cheers!!!


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S: 18st0lb C: 16st2lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 41.3 Loss: 1st12lb(10.32%)
Well done for not giving in.
I went to a BBQ last night and they had special fresh beef burgers that smelt devine!
My poor husband had to eat what I fancied just so that I could get a really gooooooooooooood smell of it!
There was homemade pizza cooking and I asked if I could stay and smell the pizza cooking! My friend (the chef) said yes and I stood there for the full 20 mins and then smelled / carried a piece to my ever tolerant husband!
Thankfully my husband is happy to eat what I fancy and more than happy for me to smell it well and truly before he eats it!
He did advise me to 'tone it down a bit' before people started to comment tho!
The result was that I was more than happy to be the tidyer and drinks filler to keep myself busy and I didn't 'really' feel left out of the evening!
Keep busy and smell it as much as you want


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ohhh hun smell it alll you want but dont lick or bite or anything further then that.

One day we are going to eat too. :)


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S: 12st3lb C: 12st3lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 27.6 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
if you think about food before you go to bed then hopefully you will have a banquet in your dreams with ultimate pleasure, no guilt and no washing up,, result!!!
S: 14st5lb C: 10st11lb G: 11st5lb BMI: 27.6 Loss: 3st8lb(24.88%)
NOOOOOOOO licking or nibbling!!! It will pass.......I had amazing dreams about food and even in my dreams I panicked and tried to pull the food from out of my mouth as I realised I was on lipotrim!!!!
This has been truly the BEST weight-loss programme I have ever done. It has helped me to re-evaluate food and now its not a comfort or an enemy, it's just food.....Best of luck


Eloquent hooligan
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Best. Thread. Title. EVER :D

Hope you didn't succumb but you did make me laugh - so thanks :D x
S: 18st9lb G: 9st0lb
Mmmmmmmm bacon butties! Yum yum!

Well done for resisting, LT brings out the strength in you. Tonight my youngest is having a sleepover (hence why I am hiding on here!) and today I baked a chocolate cake then iced it, made hotdogs and chips and set up the chocolate fountain with lots of marshmallows for them! I resisted - where the strength came from I have no idea!!!! Feeling pretty smug now!!!! Lol!!!

S: 22st8lb C: 20st1lb G: 9st8lb BMI: 46.8 Loss: 2st7lb(11.08%)
thank-you! you've cheered me right up
know what you mean and glad you opted for the shake it'll be worth it x
S: 17st1lb C: 11st9lb G: 11st1lb BMI: 27.1 Loss: 5st6lb(31.8%)
I`m so glad my post made you all smile :D

I didn`t give in, Tho it smelled scrummy!

Well done to everyone else who resisted temptation too :D There is no other way with this diet, It`s all or nothing - Cheat and you cheat yourself as you`ll ruin all your good work!

LiSe Xxxxxx

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