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Please don't have a slip and this is why


Must do it this time
i know that only too well hun,im on a restart at the minute and am on week 3,but im really struggling tonight,i really am,its like i have a devil on one shoulder and an angel on the other.
the angel is winning at the moment but i hope he can hold the devil off for the rest of the night..............................:devilangel:
elaine x
I was struggling so badly last night but try to think of 2 outcomes.

Think of tomorrow morning after these 2 different scenarios.

a] You went on a food binge tonight..the guilt, the hopelessness you will feel OR

b] You resist tonight [even if that means going to bed early, I'd even suggest buying a one off dose of Nytol if that is what it takes]
You wake in the morning feeling empowered and so much happier than scenario a]

Hope this helps.

mrs bee

doesn't like the rain!
I have woken up at least twice in a morning absolutly livid with myself for eating, then realised it was a dream, so guess that may help get thro difficult times as I can imagine the dissapointment I would feel in myself if I did it for real.Also cannot bare to go through that 1st week again- it was horrid!
I am so chuffed with myself, today is day 5 and I have had to put up with the fella's at work trying to buy me a cooked breakfast, then went to bingo with me mum and she had chips and gravy and brought me a fork to help her eat them. I was screaming at the fellas that TFR means TOTAL and went mad at my mum because not 5 mins before I had explained the diet to her...:mad: :mad: :mad: I have got my first weigh in tomorrow and intend to show all the disbelievers in me that I can do this!!
Well done Debbie, just to copy and paste something I wrote earlier

1] Go to bed early if you can

2] Avoid situations that might tempt you to eat.

3] Feel it is OK to walk away from situations if you have to.

4] Come on this board whenever you need to.

5] Inform people close to you that for 2 weeks at least your priority has to be sticking to Lipotrim.


Don't forget the rewards for sticking to this are massive, both emotionally and physically.

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