Please help before I fall off.......


The wagon....

I am on Day 16 of yet another re-start. I lost 8lb wk one and only 2lb on wk two. Like most short people i don't lose quickly.
My problem is I am drinking 5 or 6 lts of water a day but for the last 2 days I look 9 months pregnant! My stomach is HUGE and it's really getting me down now. I go to the loo just fine so I know it's not that.
I really am close to having a binge as i feel so down.

Any ideas what maybe causing this/

Steffi X

Its going to take a while for your body to adjust, there will be someone on here that can answer your question tons better than me but I wanted to jump on and say, dont fall off. please

Every 2lbs loss is 2lbs in the right directions
I haven't heard of this before - sounds like major bloat!! If I was you I would speak to your local pharmacist if you can't get to the Dr. Your loss in two weeks is fantastic, so pleased don't let this get you down.

Have you started having the bars or anything? :confused:
Have you been measuring? If so, check the measurements ... has your hips and bust shrunk a bit with the 10lb loss making your tummy APPEAR bigger?

I know it can be disheartening: I've lost almost 6st and get very down about my tummy (it's where I carried most of my weight). I said to my daughter the other day, "I've traded Jabba the Hut for Winnie-the-Pooh!!" To me, I look like I'm 9 months pregnant ... with triplets! :)

But our own eyes can deceive us ... listen to what others are saying (they see you from a different perspective) and check those measurements - you might be pleasantly surprised! ;)