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please help me get my motovation back


Getting married in July!!
Hi! I am in my second week of lipotrim. on my first week i lost 10lbs bringing me down to 14st 8lbs. i was thrilled with it, and glad to have the first though week over. now im 5 days into my second week. i weighed myself at home yesterday and i have only lost a pound. i dont understand because i would never cheat on it. all im having is thress shakes, lots of water, the odd glass of ice water and i had one cup of black coffee in week one. i do dream about cheating in my sleep- maybe thats sending the wrong message to my brain or something:rolleyes:
anyway i am finding it really really tough to stay on this diet. i am so tempted to come off it on monday because im finding it really hard to cope without food. im really sensitive and emotional on it. i am also missing food. but i do really really want to loose weigh as i am getting married next summer and im sick of being fat!!! i have a lot of weight to loose and i know it would take me ages to loose this weight on my own.

can anyone tell me any stories/ tips/ something that might help me keep going from your own experience.

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Hi differentusername, try and stick with it. I know its hard but it'll be worth when you weigh in this week. I had a tuff day yesterday and kept looking for excuses to break it but there's not other diet that will give you results you get here in a short space of time. What I try and do is tell myself, If I stick it for another hour then I can break it but at the end of that hour I say the same thing again to myself and I get by hour by hour when I feel I want to give up. Don't know if its good advise but its working for me so far. Hope you stick with it, come on, you can do it!!!!!


Getting married in July!!

Thankyou! its really comforting to know that other people find it hard too. im a bit like that. i just keep telling myself to keep going for another bit and i can quit if i want. but i hope i dont because it really is a great way to loose weigh fast.

I'm also finding it hard (but good) facing situations where i normally would have ate, like when im stressed, bored, meeting up with friends, watching films etc. it is tough to not eat and drink at these times but i think it's great because it's teaching myself that i dont actually need to eat at the times when i usually think i do. hopefully this will make me more controlled after i come off.

i hope i loose more weight this week, because im on my fifth day of week two and ive only lost a pound so far this week. but maybe it'll all come off at the weekend.

thankyou for your help. I'd love to know how much do people generally loose each week, if they feel more emotional and sensitive then usual ( i do) and if anyone has a success story/ happy moment that might spur me on. :thankyou::grouphugg:

Hi Differentusername, Try to take one day at a time, get up in the morning and decide you are going to stick it out for the day. Your motivation will come and go over the weeks but when its low just remember it will come back. At the moment its still early days, but as the days turn into weeks the diet just becomes apart of your 'normal' life and it does get easier to stick to the longer you are on it. A lot of new starters admire the ones that have stuck to it for many weeks but I admire all the new starters who are on the first few weeks as I think they are the hardest to get through. Once the weight loss starts to show and the compliments start flowing you will feel so good and it will help you to stay focused, also try planning mini short term goals or hang some clothes the next size down on your wardrobe. You are doing so well and good luck for the coming weeks !
Hi I find this diet easy because of the lack of hunger, but sometimes struggle with it then it seems really hard. Just put dinner down to my two kids and i so wanted to eat it. I'm 2 shakes down today and finding it hard to hold off the 3rd so today is a hard day. I'm week 4 now but did struggle at your stage, I went back to taking it a shake at a time to get through the day like it was day 1 and 2 again and that helped. xx
Heya differentusername.. i have to admit i had a wee giggle at your post... more so the part about dreaming of cheating.. since i started last week i'm finding all my dreams are of food for e.g. i'm at birthday party's, outings etc and can clearly see myself in the dream trying to eat as much as i could because when i wake up i can have nothing lol

As for staying focus, i do as daisy1966 does, i have a size smaller outfit in my wardrobe that i'm dying to wear i have it over a year so i know if i don't stick to this diet theres no hope for me at all....

As for not cheating, before i found this forum it was to go for a walk.. or take a bath by the time the water heated up, filled the bath had it etc a good 2 hours were gone by and i had drank another litre of water or last but not least i get a bowl out and fill it with different shape ice cubes to much on....

since finding this site whenever i feel like giving up or cheating i just come in here and the time flies by :) hope some of this helps :)

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