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Please help me I don't know how to start again

I have tried and tried to go back on the Cambridge diet but I just can't do it. I lost 2 stones on CD last year April but just can't seem to start again.

I stopped doing it around August and I have gained 10lbs and I need to start now b4 I put the whole lot back on. I have tried to restart at least 4 times and have failed.

Has anyone got any tips cos I am really struggling. I need to do this.

I have all the shakes here but just need some motivation.
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I have put on a stone in a month. I am starting cd on Friday, seeing my CDC on Thursday. You have to jump in, once the first day is over then it gets easier - my downfall is getting over the first day - always easier to stuff and say I will start again tomorrow. Do it before it's two stone back on and then think how you would feel - a lot worse than u do now. Good luck - u can do it! x
Thank you Jenny your absolutely right I would feel worse. I am planning to go back on it next Monday. I got one weeks diet chef food but I don't feel it is for me because when I eat the food I feel as though I want to eat more and more. I am gonna give CD another go as this has been the only successful diet for me.
I wish you all the best with your weight loss. xxx


112lbs lost - 28 to go!
Don't think of it as a restart. Think of it as starting CD for the first time. Remember how motivated you were when you first started and why you were able to stick to it before. There's no reason why you can't do this hunny! Just take it a day at a time. Have you co sidered doing 810 for a week and work down to SS? X


this time - the last time
Popsie - do you have a goal event you can work towards? It might help with the motivation.

Also, breaking it down into bits might make it easier?
I started day one, by monitoring it hour by hour. Once each hour started, I promised myself I would do it 100% for the next hour etc etc. Before I knew it, I was at the end of the day. Then I took it day by day.
I have now promised myself to male it 100% to Wednesday, and if I male it that far, I'll promise myself to the next Wednesday (my WI day).

Write a list of all the things you'd like to achieve. Start big and then think of all the small goals you could set yourself. Keep it with you at all times in case you think of cheating.

I have promised myself that if on any Wednesday I choose to stop, I will not do so until I have read my minimins diary from start to end. If I still want to give in then, then I can.

Hope this helps. Good luck.


Wanna Be Skinny
Hi Popsie you just have to tell yourself that you will be looking sexy and slimmer in summer and food will spoil all your happiness, i know you can do it all you have to do is to focus and keep on telling yourself that i wanna be sexy for myself and for my man hun xxx Good luck
As above really - small goals and take it day by day, even hour by hour. Write lists of why you want to lose weight and stick it to your fridge and cupboards. Come on here and look at the success photos. You can do it - good luck
Thank you guys all of your advise has been so helpful. I think I will start with making myself some goals and sticking to them. Being on here is such a motivation, I will keep in touch.

thanks again and good luck to you all and well done for your weight loss. xxx
hey popsie good on you for starting again in the morning. i too am restarting 2moro. maybe we could help and support each other along the way.??
i totally can relate to ur post. its so so hard but as people have already said, we should try and take it hour by hour then day by day. WE CAN DO THIS.!!!
I am going to weigh myself first thing in the morning also and have a new starting weight.

good luck for 2moro chick xx
I have decided to start cd tomorrow instead of Monday....wish me luck guys. I will weigh myself in the morning.

That's great! Procrastination is evil! When you feel tempted try really hard to make yourself aware of what you are feeling at that moment. What will be the "gain" from giving into the temptation? What is the temptation about? Are you feeling lonely? Tired? Hard done by? Sorry for yourself? Resentful of not being naturally slim? (all thoughts that have crossed my mind). Once you know what it's really about you can then work out what will help you get rid of that feeling.. thinking about the longer term positiveness of feeling better about yourself/valuing your goals etc or 5 minutes with some bread, chocolate etc.

Try and keep yourself as busy as possible... gives you less time to "think" about food. And as Determinator said think in positive terms.. it's alien at first but it does begin to work... think that you are choosing to have a shake, that you could eat if you wanted but you are choosing not to, that this is going to be a great thing for you.

Take your measurements tonight and some photos... and then do it weekly. Try on your clothes ... those jeans/trousers that only come to your knees now will be up over your hips in no time at all! And start keeping a journal ....to help you develop awareness of your patterns etc.

This will be one of the best things you will ever do for yourself so believe it :)
For me, I find it works if I slim into clothes! Its so amazing being able to fit into things I could get over my knees/fastened over my boobs a few short weeks ago and I am shrinking so rapidly its time to go shopping again!

Hope today's gone okay for you.

i always find putting things in boxes helps me not eat the wrong thing when i'm starting back again. so anything in your house other than what is on plan is therefore not yours and you can't eat it/drink it.

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