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please help me

G: 10st0lb
Hi guys,

I am a ll returner, I have previously done well on this diet, now im back to finish what I sarted.

I could really do with some support, im struggling badly. I was meant to start on tuesday, but I have messed up every day. I dont think I can do this on my own. I dont want to feel the way i feel anymore, im fed up of feeling that everyone is looking at me and judging me because of how i look, it's so depressing.

tomorrow is 'day 1' again for me.

If anyone out there want's to join me, il be grateful for your suport and I will also give you lots back.

We have done this before, we can do it again!!

good luck everyone xx
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You can do it. Think positive. It will all be worth it.
I keep telling myself this. Ive only just started its my 1st week my weigh in is on sunday but ive found it really really hard.
But no giving up..i can do this i know i can! and so can you! x
It is definitely harder the 2nd time round, I have found it really depressing I suppose because it is my fault I am at this point again, however nearly 2 stone down and 1 1/2 to go, I certainly never want to be here again and I know where I went wrong so lessons have been learned. It is a means to an end, give yourself a goal and tell yourself you will achieve it.
Good Luck
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I've started back today as well. It's taken a lot to get me to restart as I've heard so much about the second time around being horrible. Somehow though I seem to have slipped straight back into the old routine and feel quite comfortable. Originally I went from 15 st 2lb to 10st 9lb and I am now back to 12st 8lb. I want to get to 11st 2lb which hopefully I can do in the 4 week returners module.

Here's a few things that I find really helpful and have been helpful today:

I count my day from between 8am and 10pm. In this time I have a pint of water every 2 hours to make sure I drink 8 pints in total and get my water in for the day in a consistant 'drip'. Starting at 8am, I have a foodpack every 4 hours until 8pm - again I believe that regular spacing and consistancy makes it easier.

Black coffee is my friend!! Since I last did this 2 years ago, I have cut down my caffine consumption dramatically, so I'm not going to rely on this one as much as I did before - but if you are totally desperate for something to eat, drink a cup of black coffee first. It is brilliant at killing hunger pangs.

There are several ways to take the foodpacks - you can make the milkshakes into a paste or a shake. I remember last time also finding a recipe on here for making the soup mixes into a sort of pancake in the microwave which I did a few times. Also I've tried the two new packs today - the porridge and the chilli. Both are ok - they seem to mix up to a larger amount somehow and feel like you're eating something for once! Roll on next week when I get the bars!

I think the best thing was what my councillor said which was that I'd recognised a problem and was coming back to deal with it - just think how much worse we would be if we left this to develop into morbid obesity. Take a look at Manuel Uribe - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - he is a massive inspiration and not even doing a vlcd. If he can do it then we can!!

Good luck tomorrow - remember that you've done this once so there's no reason you can't again!


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Hi Fabregas4,

I did Lighterlife 2 years ago and lost 3 stone, I felt fab. I have since had a baby and put the weight back on and a few extra pounds that weren't there before! I'm determined its got to go as I want to feel good about myself (instead of trying to hide all the lumpy bits) so I'm rejoining on Thursday. I'll definitely be needing some support so perhaps we can help each other? I'm not sure whether its better to know what you're letting yourself in for and know that you've done it once and can do it again or not!!

Hope you've managed to get back on track


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Hey all. I'm starting for the 3rd time (sigh) on Monday after a disastrous second attempt that lasted only a couple of weeks.
I know it's going to be hard but I'm also looking forward to it!
It is all worth the effort. WE are all worth the effort!
Good luck!


hi magiclove, wow 3rd time.....
wish you all the very best on your journey x


is Magdalicious
S: 17st6lb C: 14st1lb G: 12st7lb BMI: 29.1 Loss: 3st5lb(19.26%)
Well, i'm not sure if i can count the 2nd time at all as it didnt last very long at all. I had to stop the diet for health reasons and it took me a while to get myself back on track and start again.
Third time lucky i'd say... :)

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