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Please help me!

Argh! So, today I am faced with the following:

1) Im alone in the office (which is very boring)

2) There is home made soda bread and butter in the kitchen upstairs

3) I am lacking will power to not go upstairs and get some as my boss/sw partner is not here to help keep me on track!

So help me! Dont let me venture into the kitchen for soda bread!

Ta :D lol xx
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NNooooooo, dont do it!!

I am also in work on my own (bored) and I have the smell of cake coming from the other room left over from a meeting........... we will stay strong together!!!! ;)
Scanbran, you know me too well lol. I cant really bin it as other people might want some (unfortunately) lol. Just wish they would all hurry up and eat it so I dont/wont have to!
dont go near it....... remember its not good......... look at all those awards you have.... i wish to god i ha managed all those.. ive only just got my half stone.... keep fighting....
I always remember how I feel if I did eat something naughty (guilty) and how good I feel when I am 100% good (very smug)...... today I am feeling very smug! :p

Mrs V

Loves Life!
I have to agree with the others Hun. You dont NEED to eat it and will only feel guilty afterwards!
Its my * week and I really fancy something greasy...I will resist...its hard I know, but Im looking forward to my tea later!
*Spins abot on chair* Maybe if I keep spinning round then I will eventually feel sick and not want soda bread lol. Crazy thing is, if the bread wasnt there in the first place then I wouldnt be in this mess!

Mrs V - Its my * week too hun *sympthy hugs*


Losin the baby weight :-)
I was in a similar situations yesterday - everyone went out leaving the slimmer of the office all alone surrounded by cakes and chocolate biscuits!....how rude!!!...... I took some flexi and went home early!! :)

Chickens way out but totally necessary!

Good luck hun, stay strong!!! YOU CAN DO IT!!!
Good move SJ... and on your way out the door pat yourself on the back.

You put your foot down and stayed strong! well done that woman!

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