Please help me

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Hi there, calm down. Hair falls out for all kinds of reasons. I've done CD and LL and havn'et had a problem, but I know others who to your councellor, they should be able to reassure....Hope all is well


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how long ago is it since u was last on it?

I would be surprised if the hairloss due to cd would happen within days of strting the diet x


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hi thanks for your replies i am seeing cdc tomorrow will mention it xx


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You wouldn't get hair loss as a result of a diet unless you had been on it a few months.

Probably best to pop off to the doctors to get it checked out.


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Hiya all i have spoken to cdc and she has reassured me that its fine and not the diet but it has slowed up now so onward and upward


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I have heard that hairloss can be a side effect of a VLCD. Which in itself is a good thing as your hair will be back to normal when you stop the diet.