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Please help!

Hi everyone. I need your help. I fainted today and still feel very weak. I need your help as i feel like eating and i need you to talk me out of it. Dont want to ruin my hard work and i know you will understand as my family are worried about me and want me to eat.

Maybe now just get loads of water into you and also maybe an xtra shake this evening.. then tomorrow i would go back to your pharmist and tell her...

i do get dizzy if i get up to quick and it can be a bit scary but if you fainted def go to the pharmist tomorrow and see what they say...

make sure your drinking lots of water, have your shakes this evening and maybe some hot tea too...

hope your ok x
i tink fainting must be taken seriously i always feel very dizzy wen i move to fast but fainting never happened i have come close i tink but still. water yes helps alot with the dizzyness. but definitly go to your pharmacist 2moro. unless maybe you had too large of a gap between shakes?


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I too get dizzy and light headed alot of the time - especially when getting up from sitting down.
Eating probably isnt going to solve anything now.
Get plenty of water down your neck. Have an extra shake if you feel you 'need' something.
Sorry to hear you fainted! That's never nice!

Are you drinking enough water? I know that I didn't have enough last night as I was out & then haven't really made up for it today so am feeling a bit wobbly & weak. That could have contributed to it?

Food probably isn't going to help, unless you have some underlying problem which makes LT unsuitable! Give it a bit of time, up your water consumption & see how you go! You've already achieved so much it would be a shame to throw it away because of one minor episode.

Hope you're feeling better soon! :)

Thank you all for your advice. Lost my internet connection so couldnt get online till now but I didnt eat and just had tea with sweetners which was comforting. So glad i didnt give in as i would have felt worse now. When it came to it I couldnt eat. Thought i wanted to but i really didnt was just scared of fainting again. Will go to docs tho as i used to faint when i was younger too and need to get checked out.

Thank you all for helping me stay strong

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