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hi all......please can some1 help
I am on day 3 today and feeling in such foul form :cry:
I have been fine until now but today just feel abs exhausted and very very irritable with my poor children...I feel so guilty
Please can someone tell me if this will pass or is it normal on day 3?
Thanks :wave_cry:
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im on day 3 as well.....struggling a bit too!!!! the only thing that is keeping me going is that i was getting ready for work this morning and put on the trousers i wore on Tuesday...they were a struggle to button on Tuesday...but today Thursday they buttoned with ease!!!! i can not believe it...i hadnt even started day 3 and already i am noticing the difference!!! :)
keep trying....i cant wait for my 1st weigh in next week!!!
THANKS LITTLEFLOWER - I am going to try my hardest..........we actually have similar start weight - I was 14st8 x
Keep going babe - you'll get through it I'm sure. I'm on day 4 and so far I've had no strange side effects - maybe that's just me. You so know it'll be worth it in the end - keep an eye on your water intake - be strict with yourself over how much you drink - I've realised the water makes me feel better. x
We can do this....just think of the summer coming!!!!
What day is ur weigh in? Mine is on Wednesday. x
thanks ohtobeslinky - think I'll have a v early nt to try to get through this!
littleflower - weigh in would be tues..I know that I would be so happy by then and will try my best thanks for the support xxx
hi ya guys i am on my 12th week and yes you go through and irriatable stage and sometimes a teary stage i got so emotional i cry at a drop of a hat, but keep ploughing on ward because it gets better honest :) good luck with ya weigh ins xx
Morning all
This is my last day on week 1 and day 4 for me was agony. I was fine that morning, then all of a slap, I felt irritated and all of a sudden abs starving - I really nearly gave in, so I went to the bathroom (I was in work) and had a little meeting with myself and decided to go out for a walk at lunchtime to clear the head, and it saved me from caving in. Tomorrow is weigh in 1 and I'm so glad I didn't give in. If you feel you're having a bad time of it, just step back for a sec, remember why you're doing this and do something nice for yourself - even if it's just painting your nails or having a bath. First few days are tough but you will get the rewards for your hard work at your first weigh in....
Good luck with the rest of you week:)
My weigh in is on Monday morning - can't wait to get through the first week and know this is all worth it! x


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I think it was day 3 or 4 for me. where I just felt like crap! I do believe I took to the bed :( I hadnt the energy to do anything else. but it did pass. keep going it will get easier :) x
First few days can sometimes be like that, but then ketosis gets going and most people find they get a burst of energy and are ready to take on the world. And as others have said, that first weigh in makes it all worthwhile.
Good luck today
Hey latebloomer...how's it going today??? DAY 5 for us. im starting to really feel the difference...my hands havent the usual puffiness and it feels great my wedding ring actually moves now!
Hope ur felling ok...if we survive this 1st weekend we can do anything! My weigh is on Tues too (not Wed like i said) so cant wait to see how we both got on.
Silvermist and Slinky...tell us how u got on as soon as please!!!!!!
good luck skinny minnies haha! x
Heheheh will tell you as soon as I get back! Really can't wait! x

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