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please let this be the last time!!

hi guys

im bev, 24 yr old naughty knicker bed selling plumber in training! sadly im 18 and a half stone! (255lb) iv tried so many diets but im having a go at the weight watchers new propoints scheme, i have asked so many people around me to do it too (with the size of my family i could have my own weightwatchers meeting) they all want to help so thats good, im not happy being this age and this big, i want to get down to about 13 stone, my ultimate goal is to fit into a size 14 primark jeans (hopefully iys not unreaslitic) the day i can do that im throwing a party!!! well today is day one and due to my size i get 42 points which seems loads but lets see how we get on, hope i can support anyone else on WW :p
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hi bev im doing ww pro points too. im on 51 points because of my size and it is alot to use up. but i must say on the weeks when i have used all my points iv still have a loss of a couple of pounds. good luck with it. x
Hi guys, thanks for the support, can i ask do u find on WW you are more likely to loose weight if you use all your daily points or if you use less?


Bev xx
i tend to use nearly all of mine. i didnt know that 29 was the minimum number of points, so thats good to know. how you finding it so far? x
Well im on day 3 and not gone over my daily allowance yet, it's not been massively hard either, I think a lot of my issues are in my head and just eating because I'm bored or stressed or sometimes just for the sake of it :( xx
i have the same problem. its all in my head! when I'm busy i lose weight when I'm board i put it on. thats the pattern iv adopted. i had my WI yesterday and was very disappointed i gained 2lbs and i was so sure id lost. i think its the 1st time iv stood on the scales, gained and truly didn't deserve it. I'm going to stick with it and hopefully it will show next week. x
Good luck with your weight loss. It's hard work but so worth it. I'm sure as you see the pounds come off it will give you a new lease of life. I'm a newbie too on day 4 of my eating plan. Big hugs xXx

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OMG bad day today but I will not be beaten, I had a crapper of a day an was ready to call Dominos for the biggest pizza I could get but lucky for me I have a great support team an my wifey (my best friend for all those who don't know me) talked me out of it as it's my first WI on Monday and I have worked so flipping hard this week, so instead I grilled some chicken did a big bowl of veg, shoved some gravy on (seeing as Iv ate nothin all day) and I treated myself to a banana and nutella toastie , feel much better than I would of done if I had caved to evil pizza!!!! Xxx

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Ooooooo my first weigh in tomorrow I'm nervous!!! I havnt gone over my points any day, I still had all my weeklies until just now when I had a WW carrot cake slice :) iv been the gym twice and I'm 18.7 so surly this hardwork will pay off!!! Will find out tomorrow night :)

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Any loss is good . And more importantly your lighter than you were last week so that's fantastic. If your a little disappointed think back to the times you maybe could have been better and work on those . But yes that's great :) . Well done you :) x

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