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Please please please help me


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Hi there

My name is Juan and I’m new to this forum and I was really hoping someone could help me. I’ll explain right now.

I’m 41 and around 5ft 6inches ( 168cm)tall and weight about 14 stone ( 88kg).....I’m overweight and look awful for it....this is a recent pic of me.

My diet is shockingly unhealthy. However the irony is I believe I have a pretty good idea of what makes a healthy diet.....but here’s the thing....for a number of reasons I have a big problem with getting organised! So to come straight to the point I believe the answer is to have someone help me by writing an easy to follow diet plan complete with shopping list for the week.

Here’s where it starts my story starts to get unusual perhaps....people might say at this point why don’t you just go on the internet and google “diet plan”...well I have!! In trying to do this and similar things it makes matters worse.....that’s to say all these diet plans I’ve found aren’t practical...using ingredients I’ve either never heard of or that you would only use once for a particular meal and that’s it.

I’ve also looked at seeing a private nutritionist or dietician and it’s the same thing.....they either don’t reply to my emails or do reply with something like “I don’t really do diet plans for my clients I prefer to work with people and empower with knowledge allowing them to make their own choices” or some similar bs! So I can’t see help forthcoming and my moral dips and I continue to have an unhealthy diet and actually I worry now for my overall health.

So to summarise I was would like to meet someone who could make me a diet plan that’s practical and easy to follow or if someone could point me in the right direction. I’m happy to pay for such a service.

Really hoping someone could help.
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It sounds to me that if organisation is difficult...you may be one of these people that are best to make a big batch of food at the weekend to freeze in individual containers for each dinner of the week ahead, and do the same for lunch. Porridge oats are always good for breakfast, very filling, and I add raisins and cinnamon to mine (the raisins are one of your 5 a day). (When I'm not on a VLCD) I have nuts (30 grams) late morning to keep me from getting hungry (again I pre-pack them in separate bags so I don't eat too much). I find it's useful to delay meals as late as possible, as I eat too much in the night otherwise. So I'd have lunch at 1:30pm and something like rice (again you can buy a big bag of rice, it doesn't go off, it's cheaper in large sizes, and it means you don't need to keep going shopping), and a vegetable curry (no oil). Evening I'd usually have something like spaghetti bolognes. For that kind of menu you'd just need nuts, porridge oats, skimmed/semi-skimmed milk (you can use water for porridge if you want), raisins, rice, vegetables, curry powder, spaghetti, mince (vegemince is lower fat and lower calorie and tastes the same as meat if you get a good one), tomato puree/pasata sauce. You should put lots of veggies in when you're making meals, because they fill you up on low calories and high nutrition. Oh also for a mid afternoon and late night snack you're best to buy fruit. Apples and oranges are good low calorie choices.


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Sounds to me that something like Dietchef would be the answer you are looking for. A months supply of ready made meals delivered to your door, and you just add the required fruit and veg.

What country are you in Juan?


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Juan, could you buy a couple of Weight Watchers or other diet magazines? They always have menu plans in them. You could follow these and mix and match them to suit your likes and dislikes. It always helps me at the start of a diet to have something to follow until you get used to it.


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In your situation, I'd definitely go for DietChef or similar - somewhere that you can get the foods delivered and not have to even think about it.