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Please readand give your opinion/advice

Hi everyone,
I hate to bring something up that may be negative to Lipotrim but I'm really worried.

Lately I have not felt happy, which is sooo odd for me(hense the name) i thought it was because of my time of the month but the feeling hasn't gone. I just feel down about everything,
my job that I used to love, everything really.
It's not absolutly awful just feel quite down alot and my boss told me Lipotrim can cause depression, please can someone shed some light on this for me?
I would hate to think it's Lipotrim making me feel this way, I presumed it was just present circumstances. I have a really bad fluey/coldy thing at the mo, realised my "best friend" is a user and ditched me since i started LT and my job is getting stressfull.
I'd like to think it's these things bothering me and not LT?


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On CD i also become very low in my mood .... but they say VLCD do that . You will be fine some days and others not , anyway just try keep happy and think of the end result , think we need laughing classes on this diet lol
BTW ... good ffriends are hard to come by ... as you get older you sure get wiser ... you will meet nice people along the way !!!
Someone said to me once ... you will find people come and go... i know what she means now
It's just so new to me feeling down, is there anything I can do to make me happy??

Thanks so much for your reply!!



Strong women stay slim
When you are feeling low... i guess its hard to think happy thoughts ...But try and think why you are doing this Diet... its not good finding out your friend has dropped you at a time you need her more so . Also if you feel unwell that also is an added factor ... these things will pass , come on here theres lots of people dealing with all different things some maybe like yours . Hope you feel better soon !
I will I'm going to get all excited again!
The weird thing is it's not the diet that i feel down about!
At least that's a positive,

thanks a mill.



Strong women stay slim
yes with me it was not the diet but i just could not help feeling low also when people were talking to me i'd be ... what ? cos of my mood was low . Theres more people like you more than you think :) Treat yourself to a pamper day :) Say after me ... I'm HAPPY... I know i am i'm sure I am I'm HAPPY :)
Oh Daisyhappy I'm sorry your feeling down... I have not heard any evidence that lipotrim causes depression, but I can relate to having a low mood now and then. I think its just because for a long time I used food as a comfort, if I was sad, I'd find happiness in a takeway etc! I find some days I feel a little lower than normal but it soon goes. For me am relishing in the fact am losing weight so fast, so if I do feel a little down I think about how well I am doing etc. I really think the things you spoke about are the main problems and not the diet. How does your boss know lipo causes depression? Have they experienced it or talking tit for tat?

My sis says she has felt down since starting, but I honestly think you feel like that when you see lipotrim as the enemy. We must learn to not think like that as it will always be hard if we do and it woudl easy to fall into a depressive mood.... For me, I have learnt to enjoy doing the diet, I love and cant wait for weigh in day each week, I love trying on clothes that were too tight and now are too big, I love the fact I am losing weight fast, without having to count cals or think about what to eat for supper - I just love it!

I would just say, dont think about it too much, get back to being the happy you and if you do feel down, just take a minute and smile! It does help!

Chin up hun x
You are dealing with alot at the mo .I think we kinda mourn the loss of food wich has been a good freind to many of us for many years you also have had no support from a friend who should have been there with you through this journey.Lean on us for a little while you will soon be back on your feet and feeling fine xxx:grouphugg:
Aw thanks all of you!
That's the funny thing, I'm LOVING being on LT. I think the things i'm feeling down about are justified and it was just my boss saying that it could be LT (her sis did it) made me paranoid that she could be right!
But I think if i was eating rubbish as i would have in the past then i'd feel even more down!!
Ah i'll be back to my happy self in no time!



Back on the wagon!
Hope all the great posts are happy Daisy happy..... I had days of feeling low too...think its just the total body detoxing and lack of sugar etc etc.....and doing LT is a little bit of a lonely journey.......

I used to take myself off and get a facial or a manicure as a cheer me up!!


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Oh daisy chin up hun, I think Pineapple has hit the nail on the head saying that food was a source of comfort. I know I've had days when I have felt very low as well, and before LT, when i've felt low I've raided the fridge or cupboard for something to cheer me up, but alas no more, but think if you can get through these low moments without reaching for forbidden delights you will be able to do this when you have reached your target and break this terrible cycle many of us get trapped into. Hope your feeling better in yourself very soon.xx
Certainly i have been low whilst on this diet bu ti cannot find any link scientifically. I wondered if there was a link between the lack of carbohydrate and the dip in mood. Carbohydrate can numb your emotions. It's an interesting journey on this diet isn't it?
I used to feel really down on some days too, you are definatetly not alone on this x


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I have a really bad fluey/coldy thing at the mo, realised my "best friend" is a user and ditched me since i started LT and my job is getting stressfull.
You have a lot going on just now and as Pineapple has mentioned that she used food as a comfort and so have I.

The sharp pain of reality without our 'comfort carbs' takes some getting use to I feel.

I think its just because for a long time I used food as a comfort, if I was sad, I'd find happiness in a takeway etc!

Hang in there.

Love Mini xxx
Hey Daisy - sorry you are feeling down, I hope you feel better soon. I sometimes get down days too and I try to find something that will keep me busy, go to the cinema or see a friend. Before starting this diet if I had a bad day it normally led to a massive pig out on junk. Definitely a comfort eater me!! I realise now that is not the way I should act. Try and think of how well you are doing and how great you will feel at your goal weight. Its a shame that your best mate has let you down just when you need some support - could you try and talk to her and say how you feel?
Try and be positive - sending you a big hug :)
Aww thanks so much everyone for your lovely comments!!
I'm pleased to say that I'm finally in top form again! My friends have been really great-bar the "best mate" who i've just cut ties with- so I should be gratefull for that! No point being sad about losing someone who wants nothing to do with me if it doesn't involve pig outs and getting locked!
I feel soooo happy now, back to my old self!!
I think you've all got a point, usually when I'm down comfort food was there and I just have to get used to it not being available!
Hope you're all well, thanks soooooo much for your support!

Hiya its great to see you are feeling brighter.......this is why we feel so down ...we have lost our comfort blanket of food to console ourselves with......I did find that hard as I was an emotional eater !!!


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Morning Daisy,

So good to hear you are back to your happy self again.

No point being sad about losing someone who wants nothing to do with me if it doesn't involve pig outs and getting locked!
Losing weight is an emotional journey for sure and along the way I have found that I have had to let go and say good bye to some people out of my life that were toxic to my system and coming to terms with that they really did not have my best interests at heart.

It is difficult letting go...give yourself time to grieve.

Love Mini xxx
I get down too and they usually coincide with me trying to resist opening the fridge! I'm only on day 6 and it's obvious my body is still detoxing.

The suggestion I'd give is to go walk around the block. You read all the time how exercise releases all those 'happy' hormones so this might help. The sun on your face and wind in your hair can also be quite reinvigorating.

Hope this helps.

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