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please serious advice needed constipation & bleeding every1 respond pls

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:( hi as anyone ever had bleeding when they have been severely constipated like they really cant go then when they do its sore and bleeds as ive had that today just spots on loo roll stool is not a different colour which worries me i know when they are black or maroon colour is a time to be worried but i just need to know im not alone on this the more i hear off ppl the better please:(
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Hi Hun, are you taking anything as I had this upto week 3 and cryed most times I tried to go, it turned out the fibre clear I was taking was bulking it up too much and once I stopped taking that and took senekot to get me regular again, ive been going 2-3 times a week and its all back to normal. **HUGS** from me as I remember it been horrible x :)


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I've got no experience of this but if you are at all concerned please speak to your regular pharmacist, call NHS Direct or see your GP if the first two don't set your mind at rest.$

PLease try not to worry too much.

Maybe you need to try the Fibreclear stuff Lipotrim recommends - or get a few of the flapjacks :)


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the bleeding would most probably be where your straining to go and youve got hermeroids or piles...you need to take a laxative so you go to toilet. u can also use hermaroid cream to help

if your at all worried tho, a visit to the dr would be a good idea :)

hope that helps

h xx


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yep its probably hemoraids as said above..

You may need to get supositries chick!

Please phone your doctors asap xxx
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i have taken dulcolax this morn and have started to go theres no more spots of blood cant believe how bunged up you can get its horrible i feel so ill and have bad belly ache due to the lax i think i never taken it before a few ppl on here advised it was ok to take whilst doin this diet so i hope it sorts me out completely im getting weighed tomorrow ill ask the girl i see it really scares me though i dont like to see things like that its just not natural


I will be skinny again!!!
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The ducolax will help!

I would still contact the docs chick!!


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dulcolax is a very efficient laxative but please be careful with it cause it can cause stomatch cramps if you take more than 1..as i found out myself :)

seems to be with some on this diet the water helps move things along but with others you just get bunged up and cant go for days...

how about drinking a bit more too to see if that moves things along more naturally..or moving a bit more perhaps...i find that helps me a lot

h xx


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If it was only spots of blood (and no mucus or blood actually IN the stools) then it sounds like you have a fissure- which is a tiny tear caused by the straining. I was prone to constipation even before LT so have had this problem (plus piles!) quite a bit. Hopefully the laxative will help clear out any blockages, then I think you should start taking a 'bulking' agent like fibreclear to make sure you 'go' more regularly? HTH?
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i will thanks girls ill speak to chemist tomorow see what she says then ill call my doctor if its not natural but i must say i think like one of you said straining ive teared the skin cause i feel sore and it stings too babys sudocrem as come in useful lol but on a serious note i will drink more water the couple of days i have not so now i know what happens when you dont drink enough wont do that again thanks just needed to no if anyone had the same problem!
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I had the same problem a couple of years ago. went to the doctors and he said I wasn't drinking enough.


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You are never alone on here!! LOL! We've all been through most 'problems'- LT related or otherwise!


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Hi, yes I've had this. I was up all night with it, the most painful horrid experience ever... Apparently FibreClear helps this :)
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oh thank you so much 1 hour as past since my last post and tummy as calmed down now its not angry with me anymore ill drink more water from now on i was drinking 3 litres but i cut it down cause i was told it was too much so i cut it to 2 hence the problems thanks but im going back to 3 litres lol just want to say thank you to you all i dont know what i would have done without you lot today its not something i like to discuss with anyone cause if i told my partner he would stop me doing the diet cause he thinks its un natural already so im glad i had you guys xxxx


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My little sis and I have had it. Sorry for being graphic, but my stools are very dense and feel rough and sharp as it came out. I've torn myself and I bled. My little sister had it worse and fainted.

This has happend to me twice, but all is well now. If you're really concerned see your doctor. I wouldn't worry too much though.


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I've been constipated once on this diet. I didn't bleed though. I took senokot once on the saturday and once on the wednesday and since then (about 3 weeks ago) I've been fine. Going every couple of days and all is fine. Hope you get this sorted cos it really isn't nice. Never had it before and it was pretty scary too. If you're at all worried see your doc, he can best advise you. Hope you feel better soon.


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Hi just wanted to say I have had the same problem, someone recommended dulco-ease which is a stool softener, and it does not give you the harsh cramps associated with the laxatives. I tried it and it made me go and it was very easy if you know what a mean. It cost about a fiver for 30 tablets but it is worth it. x


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Get some fibre clear hun, your pharmacist should be able to give you some free sachets. it adds fibre to your diet so you don't get quite so bunged up. Also some dulco ease (this is not a laxative but makes your stools softer so you can 'go' easier. Google it - it seems a great product. I need to get some!!! :( I have dulcolax which is a laxative but hate the cramps they cause - hope that helps x


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FIBRECLEAR!!! I was in sooooo much pain first 2 weeks but one u put that in a glass of water once a day its so much better and if your still having probs duxolax works a treat but take it about 7pm and it will take effect at about 6amish


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