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  1. goose

    goose Silver Member

    hello all.

    Just catching up on the forum as been awol for a couple of weeks. Noticed a fair few newbies so thought I'd post a 'tips' thread, the things that helped me the most in the hope it will help others.

    - take one day at a time, I'm a very much big picture girl. Always have to see the big picture in life. But on LT if I thought about how long i'd have to be on this I'd go mad!!! try not to think about getting through the week or month, just concentrate on getting through the end of today, then worry about tomorrow - tomorrow and so on and on and in that vain i've got through 16 weeks virtually 100% with only a few minor slip up. one day at a time!

    - Keep logging onto this forum. It has been one of the major factors for my success.

    - I strongly believ yu need to be in the right mental state to start this diet, If you are not, you will keep cheating and lipotrim isnt fr you. You have to REALL want this bad! You#re head HAS to be in the right place, no one can get your head there aprt from you. there are loads of people who do this diet and keep 'cheating', if thats you than thinkabou ehat diet would suit you best and maybe its no lipotrim. it aint for the faint hearted but beleiv you me it works!

    - DRINK and DRINK more water, your loo will be your best friend, If you are not going to the loo every hour and a half your not drinking enough!! heehe!! it really helps, there are a few threads on drinkin water, dont go crazy, but make sure you are drinking lots - most likely more than you are. the doctor at the health centre I work at has the loo in front of his office an honest he thinks I have a massive crush on him as Im always hanging round the loo!!! hahah!! He even introduced himself to me a while ago - scary thing is - hes bleeding gorgeous!!! haha!! must remind myself Im a marred woman! but serious keep up the water intake.

    - for most people ther first few days/weeks will be hardest, just get through your first week, dont give up the first week, no matter how hard it gets, even if you want to die (like i did the 1st day!!) - promise it gets easier. Prepare yourself mentally for the worst, that way if its torture - you haev prepared youel for it, and if its not you can say to ureself 'ahh its not too bad after all!'

    - for some its usually just cravings that get to them, not hunger as such as when you are in ketosis you shouldnt feel hungry. However if you are one of those unlucky people (there are a few of us on here) who actually get hungry, don't worry,you are not the only one,drink more water, go to sleep, have sex :) find something to else to do but most importantly DONT GIVE UP. You will most likely think ALOT about food and dream of all sorts of food, this is notmal - do not worry.

    - If you have to eat for whatever reason (i hd a few occasions like this at the inlaws, especially with them not knowing I'm on this!! the shock if they found out!) stick to proteins, don't touch the bread/carbs/alcohol. and drink lots of water post meal and next day to flush it out/ Stick to green veg

    - sign up to the monthly challenges on here and try and post weekly your update on the challenge regardless of a good or bad week

    - if you've had a bad week - dont go awol. come bck on to this forum, accept what yu have done an get back on track. If you have 7 beautiful roses, if one of thm wilts and dies - do you chuck the bunch of seven away of just the one rose? Same - if you have one bad day dont throw your whole week away, same with a month, 30 beautiful roses, if 7 of your roses die, you still have 23 beautiful roses to keep. Please dont chuck the 23 away. If you dont nip it in the bud - mind the pun, the problem gets more out of control than it initially was. If you slip up, we are here to support you and help you get through it - not judge or ridicule you. Hoever it's only IF you want to be helped

    - Please don't gloat about the food you've eaten if you'd had an intentional or unintentional slip up on the forum. Remeber this is a TOTAL FOOD REPLACEMENT programme, if you've had a slip up and somene else out there is struggling, they come on to this forum and they dont need to see a list of yummy food. you've probably not realised and listed all you've eaten - how do you think the other person wiill feel? we come on here for support. Im not saying dont mention food but just be mindful of what you write in regards to food as this is TFR. If youve had a slip up and you need a bit of suppoet - PLEASE come on here, dont run away from, dont get the wrog of the stick with what im writimg, just think about why you are writing about what you are :)

    - don't be selfish. there are alot of people (not just on the lipotrim forum) who will post when they want or need support and get upset when they don't get an immediate reply. Well I think that's selfish when they don't ever post to support others, this is about all of us supporting each other through our journeys. Support others and you in turn will get the support you need

    - my mantra "this is just a time and it will pass" KEEP REPEATING in times of difficulty!!

    - watching food programmes personally helped me, i know for others actually smelling food helped. do wha works for you ;)

    - acknowldge you will have good and bad days and good and bad weeks, it's part of the journey and getting through it will be so worth it all. I hav had the most horrenddous weeks motivation wise but I do beleive it's mind over matter and its how bad you want something, personally for me 100% is the way to go and 'breaking' the diet is so not worth it, in fact it makes it harder and its easier to kee going. Once you sart eating its harder to get back on it. Its all in our head!!!

    -Try and get support from the people who are close to you. My hubby supported me as much as he could in his weird ways, sometimes he didnt really help and didnt take my feelings into account but having his support most of the time is most helpful. he doesnt always get it, but bless him he tries!

    - If you dont have the suport from others, remember this 'diet' is ultimatley YOUR choice and YOUR decision and no one has the right to tell you what to do. if you want something - GO GET IT!!!

    - I kept this diet from my inlaws and parents for a number of reasons - for me that worked and I don't see anything wrong in that, sometimes it's just easier that way

    - try not to look at your weekly weight lossses but monthly overall lossess. I gurantee you, no other diet will make you lose that amount over a month

    - figure out if daily or weekly weigh ins work for you and STICK to it. For me i know I need to weigh daily, it works, i have to, for others it has to be weekly, everyone is dfferent, figure yourself out and stick to it.

    - if you stick to LT 100% you WILL lose weight, you are not eating, so if you do put ewight one or dnt lose much one week, it is probably water fluctuations as you phyically can not put possibly put fat on if you are not eating any

    - take before and after pics. SOO motivating to see whne you've lost a fair bit

    - as the weight drops, make sure you shake that sexy new ass of yours as much as possible. teeeheee!!


    love and hugs to you all

    if anyone has some more tips for us lipotrimmers post below

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  3. NewGirl2013

    NewGirl2013 Full Member

    Hello goose, I think there should be a "LOVE IT" button as the "like" doesn't do it a justice. Your post is fantastic!!! I've been on TFR for just 3 weeks so far and I agree with everything you said in this post! You are an amazing example of determination. When I had a flu/sinusitis on my week 2 I was sooo week and wanted food more than ever in my life, but reading the posts here kept me going, I know that other ladies weren't well either so I was thinking of them and that kept me motivated to just carry on, I drunk a lot of water, slept, drunk water, slept and eventually I got well. I was soo proud of myslef, I thought to myself if I can go through it with flu then there will be NO excuse to stop it until I get to my goal weight.
    Thank you for posting it, you are amazing!!! xxx
  4. Teapot

    Teapot Gold Member

    NewGirl I agree, fantastic post Goose!

    I'm guilty of watching loads of food programmes and sniff food as necessary lol. Tricks my 'Fred' into believing I've eaten and my kids have got used to me asking if I can sniff their plate: all's fair in love and war - love my kids and war with my weight ;)

    I wish I'd taken Gooses advice and taken some before pics! When I started this I hoped I would continue but felt deep down that I was going to fail because it was just going to be too hard and it was just a matter of time. Nearly 10 weeks in, I'm feeling more confident carrying on than I've ever done before on any diet. Everyone here, is here to accomplish their goals. I know I would have given up weeks and weeks ago if it wasn't for you wonderful supportive lot. Love you guys even though I don't 'know' you lol.

    Much love all

    Kay x
  5. Busy Mum

    Busy Mum Silver Member

    Great Post Goose!

    Definitely take photo's of your journey and also measurements of your waist, hips, etc. Even on on a week when you're a bit disappointed with your weight loss on the scales you can be amazed by the inches you have lost and that keeps you going. Also, put on some old clothes and enjoy how huge they are on you!

    This is a very supportive forum and it will be great to have some newbies on here who will join in as sometimes you can have 30 odd views for a post but only 1 reply! The more people who post the better for me so please post, post, post away!
  6. misspiggy123

    misspiggy123 Full Member

    Hi Goose,

    I just wanted to say that your advice is brilliant and hits the nail on the head.
    Miss Piggy 123

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  7. BIGTsmallt

    BIGTsmallt Full Member

    I agree. This fforum is brilliant

    One thing though. regarding watching food programmes, I don't recommended watching " Man VS Food" lol
  8. SarahHehir

    SarahHehir Member

    Great advice and tips thanks a million just started today..,!
  9. Teapot

    Teapot Gold Member

    Good luck Sarah and :welcome: :)
  10. n1mumof3

    n1mumof3 Full Member

    This post is excellent and has really helped me. I am just deciding what I want to do. I lost 4 stone 2 years ago on south beach and it was great. This 18 months I have put on a stone and a half. Want to lose about 2 stone and I think this way might help. Going to look at ordering today. Are they fairly quick to deliver? Jo
  11. Teapot

    Teapot Gold Member

    Hey Jo!

    I believe LT is only available from chemists / pharmacies or via your doctor if you order through them as you have to visit and get weighed weekly. You can see which chemists are near to you by popping in your p/code on the LT website at Lipotrim - Participating Pharmacies - Interactive Map

    Hope that helps!

    Best wishes

    Kay x
  12. totes.lipo

    totes.lipo Shake that thing girl!

    Thanks goose, I really loved ur post. U put it all out there and I will return to this post numerous times throughout my journey to lose 13/14 stone. Thank for taking the time to do this 'go to' post for everyone. Ur a treasure. Xx
  13. goose

    goose Silver Member

    awww thankyou all for the lovely comments! You are too kind, I will update post later with your extra suggestions and I have thought of a couple more I need to add - about mouthwash and exercise!! Just thought I'd type it here to remind me when I come to do it otherwise I will forget! Memory of a fish seriously!

  14. Sammybums

    Sammybums Member

    Hi goose

    Im new on here I start lt on tuesday I cant wait for the challenge. I think I will be reading your advice alot over the next week or soo.

    All the sam
  15. goose

    goose Silver Member

    a couple of other tips I will type up here and then add to the beginning:

    carry a toothbrush and mini toothpste and mini mouthwash in your bag. Once you get into ketosis you can get bad breath and you don't always realise i yourself. I went through a few weeks where I knew i had bad breath (as all of a suddent the hubby was being stingy on his kisses!) Try and brush your teeth every couple of hours or maybe mouthwash if you dont have a sink

    Busy mum suggested having an item of clothing that fits perfect and then to keep trying it on throughout your journey and enjoy watching how loose it gets on you :)

    the other thing was ermmm, exercise! There are quite a few threads here on exercise so have a read of them but a couple of points (please I dont take any resonsibilty for this, this is my advice, I suggest you contact lipotrim or your pharmacist for more info) but this is what ive picked up from the forum, be careful ho much you exercise as you are on a VLCD if you exercise too much your body can go into starvation mode and cling onto any fat. If I went to the gym I would never do more than 30 mins cardio as I didnt want my body to think it was in starvation mode. I didnt really exercise throughout LT and you dnt really need to, to lose weight but lots op people dofor a number of reasons, firstly if you have a lot of weight to lose, exercisong can help keep you body nice and toned and reduce saggy skin so its balancing it between the two. and obviosuly there are lots of health benefits. Just dont go overkill on it, I stuck to walking, but LT suggest you dont exercise for the first two weeks. if you do exercise than make sure you further increase your water intake as if you don you will get fluid retention by exercsiong and not replacing the water lost
  16. gettingskinny

    gettingskinny Full Member

    I'm on day 1 today! Its nearly over and done with :) woop woop
  17. BIGTsmallt

    BIGTsmallt Full Member

    hi goose, thanks for the info. i really liked this bit of your comment. i'm currently power walking about an hour every other day. with my polar heart rate monitor on. because i'm really a heavy guy, i use as much as 800 calories. i take a big bottle of water with me, and keep my heart rate at 80%. about 160 a min. also, i wish to add that i plan my route so i go past a few supermarkets... in case i needed to use the loo, lol. this has really helped give me leg strength, a higher than average weight loss, plus now, very recently the chafing has stopped tooo!!!!!:)

    it can be done you newbies! it just takes a bit of will power. the upside is you live longer with your spouse and kids!!
  18. itac

    itac New Member

    Hi Goose I am about to start LT on fri with my son so I have been looking for a forum to gain some insight and maybe a bit of support from as I know I have to be the driving force with my son. He has a lot of weight to loose and I said I would do this with him as he feels it will give him a kick start and then he can do his weights in the gym and hopefully end up living a healthy life style. I do have just over a stone to loose myself so I am looking forward to getting back into my size 10 jeans again, well hopefully.
  19. GiveItAgo

    GiveItAgo Full Member

    This is an excellent post, thanks a million for sharing this with us.
  20. goose

    goose Silver Member

    Bumping this thread for williams88 to read x
  21. Fighttheflab!

    Fighttheflab! Full Member

    Bumping this thread for any newbies as it's too good to miss!! Thanks Goose! :D

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