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Please someone tell me this is doable


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hello, I know a lot of people are going to tell me its not about how quick you do it blah blah but the thing with me is I need to KNOW that I can do this in a certain amount of time otherwise I don't gain any motivation whatsoever, I have tried Cambridge diet and all those kinds of quick fixes, I want to know loose weight properly by eating healthy cutting out all the bad stuff and excersing everyday, I am 15 stone 9 and I want to be 11 stone by july is this doable by solely eating v healthy and excercising, also I am 20 and have a very good metabolism, and surprised by the amount I eat ( I have a severe overeating problem) that I am only 15 stone as I know people who eat less than me and are much heavier, I am 5 foot 4 so I look VERY big I am so fed up I am so depressed I don't even want to leave my house because im scared that people will recognise me and say OMG look how fat she has got, tomorrow I want to wake up and start a new me i want to be 11 stone by july (my 21st) this is not my goal weight (9stone is) i just want to know is it doable or am i just kidding myself??????????????????????????????????????????????????????? please don't judge me or be horrible :( x
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Good luck. It's do able. Just remember why you are doing it
Don't rush either. Be healthy and happy and the weight will come off if you keep it up :)


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First of all well done for getting started & keeping going - 2 stone is a great amount to have lost already!
I saw a great graphic just over a year ago which put everything into perspective for me. Over the years I have tried many 'diet plans', managed to lose weight & then just put it all back on again. The reason - calorie counting which led to weight loss, but I was still eating the wrong foods. Why is this important? Eat the right foods & the toxicity levels within your body will reduce, allowing you to maintain the weight loss without rebound. Eat the wrong food & the body will try to retain the fat to protect the body & vital organs from the toxins.
With this new knowledge, in the the last 12 months I have gone from bordering on a size 18, to a size 12 (just), with a little bit more to go.
A combination of healthy eating, with improved nutrition (I use a fruit & vegetable whole food product to boost mine) and a reasonable amount of exercise is the best way to go and it is surprising just how much weight your body will shed when its not trying to retain fat to store toxins from the wrong 'type of foods'.
If you would like to see the pic (as I couldn't work out how to upload it lol), drop me a message & I will send it to you.
Keep going :)


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Yes this is definitely doable, the mere fact that you have defined your goal and put a time frame is most of the work done...now you have to put the plan into positive action. Strategize your day to day nutrition to be based around a positive nutrition balance...you don't need a hard defined diet.
Eat smaller more frequent meals that are focused around metabolism enhancing ingredients that accelerate the fat burn such as berries, kale,almonds, lean meats, hot peppers, cinnamon.

Even with an existing high metabolism this will further add to your benefit.