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Please tell me all is not lost! :(


is back on it...
:sigh:..have had the most crap day at work ever... have been in a really irritable mood all day and feeling really down.. and i suppose just lonely on this diet :wave_cry:

Im on day 4 of 100% ss'ing and went into Ketosis at the beginning of day 3, when i go home tonight i had my chicken and mushroom soup with 3 sliced mushrooms in and 3 ends of asparagus chopped up... really just needed something to chew on :(

Have i ruined it now and will i always want food from now on :( weigh in is on Tuesday and i will talk to CDC about SS+ but wanted to have a perfect 100% first week....

I have such a long way to go.. and feel so incredibly guilty right now :cry:

HELLLLLP :break_diet:
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These are foods you can have on SS+ and 810 (I usually stay in ketosis on these plans) - so I think you'll be ok.. You could have had something a lot worse. Dont worry about it!! We all have bad days... I'm sure you'll still do gr8 at your WI... Good luck - let me know how you get on x


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Like Foo Fan said these are still foods allowed on SS+, so as far as blips go this is ok. Cheer up, and don't stress over it, I bet you will be in for a lovely suprise when you have your weigh in.


is back on it...
thanks ladies... do feel a bit better now... just polished off a bottle of water... and am going to distract by watching a film. Boyf is just sitting down to a huge plate of fish and chips... so yes it could be worse!.. they don't even smell that nice... really fatty :) Yay!..

Have a wedding tomorrow so am taking a tetra with me (will have to drink it in the Loo!)... Spoke to my CDC when i first weighed in and told her about it and said about me possibly having a couple of alcoholic drinks?.. and she said if i had to have clear spirits with a slim line tonic...?.. do you think this will be alright?... Gin and Tonics?

advice much appreciated.... :) x
If you're in ketosis which i'm sure you are, you may find the alcohol will go straight to your head, I also don't think alcohol is the best idea when you're on a VLCD and in ketosis. Think there's a pinned thread up there.

But why are you sabotaging yourself like this? Do you really want to do the diet? Because the diet doesn't involve alcohol. You are trying to "bend" the diet to fit with your social life, and I'm afraid you need to see it the other way round and "bend" your social life to fit the diet.

Why do you need alcohol at the wedding? Can you not have fizzy water? I'm concerned that you're setting yourself up for problems and you're only in your first week. If on your first (second?) weekend you're on the alcohol, what will it be the next time there's a social event? "Oh but it was only a medium stuffed crust extra cheese pepperoni pizza, least it wasn't an extra-large, so I'm still being good". Backwards thinking, bash it on the head right now! Don't make the diet any harder than it has to be. You can do it!
Hi Clareymary

Firstly, I do like your name! I went to a convent school in West London and there was a Clare- Mary in the year below; I was envious that I was a plain Sarah.
Welcome to minimins - you will get plenty of support from the CD gang so I hope that you won't feel lonely on this diet.
I have just read Emma's reply and would whole-heartedly agree. It would be best to avoid the alcohol and commit to this excellent diet 100%. I have lost over a stone in 3 weeks although it was hard for the first few days. I haven't previously admitted this but I wasted a couple of months this summer trying to get started on Cambridge but messing it up because of social events (including a wedding!).
I could now be much closer to goal weight - I don't want you to make the same mistake as me.
Good Luck!


is back on it...
Thanks for the positive comments, you are all right... im not going to drink today....

Fingers crossed for my weigh in...



WILL be Slim!
where cheating goes hun you did the lowest possible form! Those are both allowed on SS+ so it wont have effected you long term.

Stay off the booze hun....its not the easiest thing sticking to CD during a social event but this is a long journey and you dont want to be blipping this early in hun! YOUR weight loss is far more important! :D:D
Well done so far hun and have a super night!
Hi Clarey mary

Well I am on day 12 on CDss and have just come home from a wedding.Ok so I did eat,had no choice as was starving and no facilities to make shakes,also wasn't prepared by having any tetras/bars but will make note for next time. I did try to makes good choices of food though and I offered to be the driver so no alcohol passed my lips,It's not worth it and I will definately be back on shakes only at bbq 2moro. Oh and again will be driving.
But I can honestly say I have had the best day and eve with no alcohol,hangover,bad head etc.
Hope you have a nice time

Nat x


is back on it...
Hello ladies... well the wedding was brill... drank my tetra... and didnt have 1 sip of alcohol!... My boyf family all now think i preggers which is going to shock them when i shrink the other way!... :)

Also tonight was my first weigh in!............................... and i lost...drummmmmmmmm roll..... 12lbs!!!!!!!!.... cant believe it!...

Going to do SS+ this week as i cycle to and from work and found that i have no energy in the evenings.. so think i might help... if it means me not losing enough then i will stick to SS only... will see fingers crossed.

Hows everyone else's weeks going... do you think i should join a team?.. can anyone recommend one?

:) x


One day at a time!
Well done, that's such a brilliant loss. You've done really well, especially avoiding all the lovely food and drink at the wedding - big pats on the back!:)