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Pls help! the shakes make me gag!

hi all

something weird has happened. I am on week 4 (nearly at week 5) and i only have the choc shakes and ihave them warm like hot choc. I cannot stomach the soups or have any shakes cold.

in the first 3 days the shakes make me gag, and then i was fine. strangely the hot choc one is making me gag and i struggle to finish it! I mix it with twice the water needed and cant believe i am struggling with it as i do not like any other CD product (not even tetras). can someone pls help me with some words of encouragement as i do not want to give up CD. am nearly at week 5 and need to keep going for another stone at least.

i do occasionally have the butterscotch but my gag reflex is so bad at the moment. today i am only having 2 shakes as i honestly cannot bear the thought of another one! I will have a bit of the choc bar later (I do not particularly like this either!)....
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I feel sorry for anyone who does not enjoy their CD. After all, it's all we have all day so it must be terrible to dread it. I am fortunate, I can count on one hand how many products I don't like. But, to be honest, when I was on CD before, it got to a point where I actually could not stomach another one. I was gagging too and hated it. Luckily, I had a word with myself and tried to change my attitude. When I didn't enjoy the CD I knew I was feeling dead negative towards it, but when I was positive I was enjoying it. Does that make sense?

Try another flavour, you never know - what you didn't like 5 weeks ago you might just like now. I found that my tastes changed from one week to the next. What about having a mousse? You are allowed one a day now you are in week 5, try that it's gorgous. What about the porridge, or even a frozen tetra? Try them, you might be suprised. Good luck x


please try again
im a choc mint fan myself, i have 3 a day and thats it, 2 i have as shakes with extra water and every evening i have my choc mint mousse
miriam, thanks for the reply. i know what you mean. i know if i keep gagging on the choc shake CD is over for me cos i cannot bear the other ones. so i must persevere and i have tried talking to myself and pretending its ovaltine but for some reason this week my taste buds are super sensitive and the aftertaste is killing me.

like you, when i am ok with the shakes i breeze through the weeks and think how easy this diet is, but at the moment it is almost making me cry because i do not know what else i can do. i am gonna try toffee again (warm, urgh!) to see if i can handle it, but its hard enough without nearly being sick at every 'meal'.

thanks for the reply though, i usually never get any replies to my posts!
sumayyah - thanks. i thought i was the only weird one who sticks to one flavour! nice to know that others too have preferences as you read so much on here about the massive 'choice' on CD. for me, they are all horrid but a few are manageable. wish me luck girls!


please try again
there are a few of us about who can only "do" one flavour
i can ony have my shake ice cold with a flavoured water chaser, lol

hope you can stick it out a bit longer


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hi all

something weird has happened. I am on week 4 (nearly at week 5) and i only have the choc shakes and ihave them warm like hot choc. I cannot stomach the soups or have any shakes cold.
Aw, you poor thing. :hug99:

When you say you can't 'have any shakes cold', do you mean water out the tap cold, or 'slushy with ice' cold?

I was just wondering, cos I don't think I could stomach the shakes at cold water temp - but if they're blended with ice, they're fine.

I'm wondering too if you're just not very well at the mo and whether that's the underlying problem.

Have you tried all of the bars? - some are much better than others. IMHO, the 'chocolate' one isn't all that great but I lurrve choc orange and malt toffee - and I'm a recent convert to cranberry (never used to like them - so it's definitely true our tastebuds change).

Hope you manage to find a way through this!

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