Poem I wrote hubby for our 1st anniversary


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Hope you dont mind me sharing but heres the poem i wrote for my first anniversary. I had it printed on a canvas print of one of our wedding photos (ah fond memories)

One Year On
365 days have passed
Weeks to months to a year
Since as man and wife at that time in our life
We were joined my dear
I want to declare our love and adoration to all
Every gesture no matter how small

I love the way you ruffle my hair
Fond words said that show you care
You are sensitve, handsome and kinsd
I look forward to the years and the joys we will find

Can you see us in the future?
Grown old and grey
Still declaring our love every day by day
Grandkids will give us memories fond
Laughter to smile at on evenings long

Our wedding day was wonderful and amazing
but the day led to something more
Our marriage is the thing I nurture
Because that is the key to my door

And so our 1st anniversary
has arrived here today
Celebrated with paper
and with joy we say
for paper is cheap
but the sentiments rich
lets celebrate with joy
the day that we got hitched
Awwwwwwww how sweet is that!!! It's lovely, BellyBee....Congratulation on your anniversary! :D