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I'm thrilled to have found this site for support during my CD journey and to also have found some other lovely ladies with PCOS (have been reading some past threads and noticed some ladies mention they've got PCOS).

I've tried every diet going over the years and always wondered why I failed miserably on WW and SW but the day after my 30th birthday I got diagnosed with PCOS which when I started finding out all about it started to explain why these diets hadn't worked for me.

I've seen Dr's and nutritionists and although they've told me losing weight is a double battle for women suffering with PCOS they've never had the knowledge about the syndrome to advise on a diet. I did Atkins whilst trying to conceive my son which worked and I lost nearly 3 stone but got sick of bacon and eggs...:D

I feel like all I have to do is look at food and I put on weight. I'm not someone that over indulges or binges but I do like a nice meal. When I'm on CD all I dream about is a chicken caesar salad..... :D

I don't drink or smoke but I don't really exercise - difficult when I live alone with my 4yr old son and work full-time (8:30am - 5:30pm with half an hr for lunch) but no excuses really - note to myself: must dust down trampett... :eek:

Anyway, I've rattled on... :eek:

Battling with a weight issue is difficult for anyone so good luck to everyone...
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Hey, are you me?

I have PCOS, don't eat between meals, but like good (large) meal at the normal times and hardly ever excersise (something I too much change).

I don;t work full-time anymore, but I do go to University full-time, work 2 evenings a week and have 2 children. I also have 65lbs to loose (so close to your target).

Good luck with your journey!


Hi I have PCOS and i have yoyoed for 18 years of my 37 ,Ive lost in chunks over that time 22 1/2 stone and regained it all :eek:
I am now doing LL and It will be my last ever diet as I cant yoyo any more as its very bad for us.Im on day 15 had my 2nd week weigh~in last night and Ive lost 1 stone in 2 weeks so 50 more lbs to go but stay here and we can do it togetherxx


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I also have pcos. After an internal scan I was prescribed metformin, which is a diabetic drug. My skin is lovely, it has really cleared up as I had acne at 30!


Minimins gal x
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Hi Mrs Roch,i have pocs as well and have most of my weight around my tummy and suffer with excess facial hair.
I have a scan booked for the 23rd october but i am worried about going as they will most prob say i am 2 fat 2 see anything as i weigh over 25 stone.
I was on a vlcd but not able to do them no more as i have low blood sugar probs so am now following a low Gi diet.

I am so pleased that you find this site helpfull and supportive we r like one big family here all here to help and support each other.
I first noticed u when u joined as we have the same usernames mine is Roch as i am Rochelle.
Looking forward to chatting 2 u,take care xxx


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Dont worry about your size and scans roch they will probably do a vaginal one anyone.

I have PCOS and lost nearly 7 stone on cambridge, it didnt change any of my symptoms but i feel a whole lot better in myself and also due to weightloss and a course of clomid im now nearly 13 weeks pregnant :D

If you have PCOS you need to stay away from sugar and carbs asmuch as possible as your body has trouble digesting them, my greedy food was carbs so is a hard one to take out lol


Mrs Roch

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So many of us...:)

I've yoyo'd as well. I first ballooned when I hit 13 and when friends were sizes 10/12 I was a 14/16.:(

Had irregular periods but terrible PMS. Didn't have acne as a youngster but now get it on my chin. Find the CD does control that though - don't know if it's all the water.

Before I got married I did SW for about 5 months & lost about 18lb in total and I was going to the gym 3 times a week. I think I was about 13 stone when I got married.

Have been on the "Pill" since I was about 19. When we decided to try for our son and I came off the pill at 29 I ballooned upto about 15 stone in one year.:(

I then final got to see a gyni and he diagnosed me with PCOS. Was told he'd give me Clomid but that there was a high risk of miscarriage in overweight women so decided to go off and try and lose some weight first. Thankfully, a friend of a friend had PCOS and told me to do Atkins which I did for about 4 months and lost about 3 stone. I decided to try a herbalist (recommended by Verity - PCOS Self Help Group) and after seeing her for 8 months and having taken all sorts of potions I found out I was pregnant (2 days before I moved house I add...

At my biggest I've been 17 stone :eek: . I went on LL in 2004 and got down to 13 4lb. I came off that and when I first joined CD I was back up to 16 stone got down to 13 8lb came off for a month now back on and when I re-started last week was 14 7lb.

First weigh-in tonight and feeling good.

Please God let me stick to it this time... I really want this to the last time as well....

Nice to have everyone's support..:D

Mrs Roch

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Congratulations julesrush on your pregnancy - I know what a special time this is for you...

Keep in touch, will be lovely to hear you're well and what you have...


Hi Hannah
Well done you on your 1st week your have a fab result :D
I tried 8 years for my 1st baby and I had a miscarriage after 6 years of infertility treatment.
I now have 3 healthy girls 2 concieved naturally one only taking ONLY 10 days :eek:
Good luck hun you'll be fine

Mrs Roch

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Don't worry about your scan Roch - someone once told me no point worrying about something you can't control. I'm sure it will be fine.

Most of my weight's round my tummy too - they say we're apple shaped instead of pear....

I'm Mrs Roch because I live in Rochester - couldn't think of anything better quick enough..

Mrs Roch

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I'll be happy if I do the same sore of weightloss as you in your first week, that was fantastic illdoit.

3 healthy beautiful girls - how wonderful. The trying is heartbreaking but makes the moment you hold them oh so special...


I also have PCOS and suffer from excess facial hair with it. My weight has yo yoed for years. Would love to be able to stick to CD to do something about it but carbs just keep finding me ( and my hips it seems)! :rolleyes:


Yo-yo dieter here for the gazillionth time
S: 12st4lb C: 11st5lb G: 9st10lb BMI: 26.1 Loss: 0st13lb(7.56%)
I have never been officially diagnosed but don't see the point as I know if they diagnose me they will just tell me to lose weight anyway, which I am now doing!! I have all the symptoms - weight on my tummy, history of type 2 diabetes in the family, excess hair, few and unpredicatable periods, skin tags, terrible mood swings etc etc. Since I've been on this diet, I have had FOUR periods (about as many as I usually had in a year at my fattest at uni) but unfortunately nothing has happened to the hair, which is the bane of my life - I hate the hair almost more than I hate the fat :( There is a good diet book on PCOS (can't remember what it's called - something banal like PCOS and nutrition) and when I flicked through it, it seemed to follow a kind of low carb/GI diet plan which is meant to be the best remedy, as well as plenty of exercise. Unfortunately, stodgy carbs are my absolute fav, although I've never been one for snacking or cooking with lots of fat or anything. It feels so unfair sometimes.

Mrs Roch

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You certainly sound like you've got all the typical symptoms Jubby...

Congratulations on your weightloss so far - it's fab! :)

I've got the PCOS Diet Book and it does revolve around low carbs etc you're right. I've been reading You Are What You Eat Cookbook and I think once I've done maintenance that's the route I'm going to try and take - I do actually want to just feel healthy and that I'm doing the best I can for my insides as well as the outside.

It's hard though because like everyone I feel I'm addicted to the carbs...

I don't suffer too bad with the hair - just a few dark ones under my chin which I pluck regularly. I've always been hairy on tops of my legs though so I rely heavily on VEET...:eek:


I'll be happy if I do the same sore of weightloss as you in your first week, that was fantastic illdoit. I BET YOU DO BETTER ;)

3 healthy beautiful girls - how wonderful. The trying is heartbreaking but makes the moment you hold them oh so special...



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I had pcos 5 years ago before i had my son and was prescribed clomid as well but luckily fell naturally just before i was due to start taking it. All my symptoms went away after ds was born i lost loads of weight and was v.happy, after trying for so long for 1st baby we decided to try for another incase it took ages but bingo not even 1 month. After DD i have had symptoms back hence i'm on weight loss forum.

Mrs Roch

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It's not something that comes and goes research says you're born with the Syndrome but the sympoms vary on each individual.

The Verity website is a good source of information and they've got loads of links on it as well.

I went along to their AGM one year and was astonded by the number of women there all with different sympoms. I worked with 2 girls at my last company that had it and one was very typical with the apple body shape - big boobs and big belly but beautiful skin and had no probs falling for her 2 boys and the other was 4ft nothing and probably a size 10 but had terrible problems falling for her first son.

No two of us are the same....

Mrs Roch

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By the way your children are beautiful....


We ride, we ride....
Hi Ladies,

I'm another PCOSer!
Yep, carbs always call my name and I've restarted this diet countless times over the last year. But fingers crossed, this is the last time and I've realised that if a binge is on the cards, drinks loads of water and eat chicken (I know u're not technically supposed to!) but it did stop the cravings & mood swings for me and enabled me to get past it - without having that dreaded & torturous "oh no i've failed AGAIN!" feeling. I think with PCOS and VLCDs it's waterever gets u thru it, and if u have to eat - protein is the thing (I actually managed to stay in ketosis) and it made me feel soo incontrol - one thing alot of us ladies never feel.
It's sad that the medical profession don't realise how bad & devestating this 'condition' can be for women, and that they don't offer more help.

Much love, Chelle xx