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Porridge or Protein for breakfast...

Its entirely up to you. I eat a bowl of cereal or toast for my breakfast usually as its quick, you could always try having a fruit/veg filled lunch to keep the pp's down so you can have a big breakfast :)
iv been havin oats so simple(made with water) for breakfast most days for the last week with bluberries and tsp honey for 5pp, i think this is really nice but i find im hungry again after about 2hrs!
i had an omelette made with 1egg, 1egg white, ham, onion, tomato, peppers, lowfat cheese also 5pp, really tasty and felt fuller for much longer!
i think its probably what makes u feel most satisfied so that ur not reaching for snacks soon after breakfast!
try out a few things to see what wrks best for u!!
Ah, breakfast... I find that a bowl of cereal or toast does nothing, personally. 2 hrs down the line, its like I never ate anything!
Recently I've been having Oats so Simple with a banana, and a yogurt, and that's been keeping me out of mischief til lunch. Or poached egg on toast, or bacon & mushrooms. Omelettes are really good, you can add tonnes of veg to bulk it up!
Porridge today for me...!
Ah I think its best to say that I eat breakfast between 8-9.30, and then lunch 12-1, so cereal and toast is fine for me. But yeah I still say bulk your meals with fruit and veg :)
just thought id let u no waterford that flahavans quick oats are really handy they come in individual sachets and with a measuring cup for milk/water!so saves time on measuring everythin in the mornin!
on oe of those websites that show you a video and promote their own diet systems I have found something that might be interesting from this point of view. Apparently, even wholewheat is not good for you because it is too transformed into sugar in your body. Hence, foods that are advertised as "healthy" like porridge or cereals exactly like white bread increase the sugar in your blood over 90, which stimulate the production of insulin. This means that your body goes off the "fat burning zone" and goes in the "weight gain" zone, meaning that either you won't lose weight or could in fact put on. Besides, when insulin is released, your sense of satiety goes down very quickly, making you feel ravenous very soon. That's why even having 5 propoints of porridge in the morning you feel ravenous after 2 hours.

Now, I think that this is the same principle with which propoints was thought. On that website they recommend as alternative to bread and wholewheat, sprouted grain bread which, apparently, does not get turned as much into sugar after you eat it. As carbs they also recommend rice, spelt, millet, quinoa, sweet potatoes and obviously all fruit and vegetables.

Funnily enough they also recommend proteins vs carbs, although they too point out that carbs need to be eaten in a healthy diet. They also say that you must have fats in your diet too... but the "good" type of fats, or your body will hang to its own fat.

Bad fats: hydrogenated oils, margarine, butter substitutes
good fats: real butter, whole eggs, coconut oil, olive oil, avocado, raw nuts

they say that if your liver is busy trying to get rid of the toxins found in processed foods and in the bad fats, then it won't work as hard to burn the fat your own body is storing. Hence, they recommend not to eat processed food, especially those containing margarine, butter substitutes (which they say is not real food) and hydrogenated oils, but also anything that contains: artificial sweeteners (even splenda!), high content of fructose, corn syrup, processed soy products (yes even soy milk is a no no!)

Now, I won't spend $49 to buy their diet, but I found what they said very interesting and very similar to propoints, so I thought I'd share it with you guys :) There were things I didn't know, especially about whole wheat products, this sprouted grain bread and the processed soy products. I might stop eating cereals for breakfast and have something else instead... I'll look into what I can do from next week, it might be better for me!
PS: I'm also posting this as a whole new thread, it might pass unseen here...
just thought id let u no waterford that flahavans quick oats are really handy they come in individual sachets and with a measuring cup for milk/water!so saves time on measuring everythin in the mornin!
thank you, havent seen them anywhere, must have a look.
I find that having eggs for breakfast keeps me feeling fuller for longer, i either have scrambled eggs or an omelette. For the omelette i have it with cherry tomatoes and an extra light laughing cow cheese triangle for 4pp (4pp-2eggs 0pp-tomatoes 0pp-el lc cheese triangle)
Hiya - for what its worth, I have been trying out Bel-vita Breakfast biscuits (Tesco) - 4x little biscuits @50g is allegedly proven to slowly unload carbs for up to 4 hours - and for only 6 points (which is only one point more than oat-so-simple) They are tasty and for me at least, appear to do the trick. At the weekend however, as I get up later than my normal 5am, I dip into my 49 slightly and do 400g tinned tomatoes, scrambled egg (3 eggs), 6x Turkey rashers and and a 50g handful of mushrooms , with 3 slices of Hovis wholemeal & LF spread - all of this equally split between my Wife and I and comes to 7PP which isnt bad, bloody lovely and see's me through nicely,
Going to try them - going to Tescos later - I also have the oat so simple and they really are simple - empty packet into bowl, fill packet with water and then heat in micro for 2 mins - easy.
I remember those Belvita were on BOGOF before we went on holiday last year so we brought a few boxes with us and TBH, they really are only biscuits and dont think they would compare to a bowl of porridge or poached egg and beans.

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