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Porridge Recipe Please



Seeking thinner peace
I've been going mad for the porridge lately.

I've not seen a specific recipe other that add pysllium husks to shake, more or less than a tbsp depending on how thick you want it.

I've tried porridge with almost all of my fav sweet shakes. It don't work with the cappuccino but is gr8 with the butterscotch, banana, toffee walnut and my last pack of orange winter spice porridge went down a treat. It's also really filling and allows you to linger on your 'meal' a bit longer.

I make mine by adding the 1 tbsp husks, shake powder, a couple of sweeteners to 350 mls hot water and whizz the lot together for 15-20 seconds. It tends to get thicker and gloopier the longer you whizz it though.
HI now porrridge is a fav of mine but only really like it with vanilla it is more like porridge than any of the others and sweeter. straw or choc arnt bad .you can add it to soup this make it a bit thicker never done it thou dont like any soups.

200ml warm to hot water
2 teaspoons husks mixed into the vanilla shake then pour into water
high speed whisk 30 secs

I dont need any sweeteners as I find them sweet enough but you can add if you want .
You can have 10g of husks a day and I find this is approx 4 of my teaspoons or about 1 tablespoon .So you can have husks twice a day or if you like more in just once they do make meals more filling and a bit more like a meal.I have vanilla porridge every morning it is warm and filling and yum lol xxx
Thanks ladies, I'll look forward to it tomorrow when I get my new shipment in of flavours, The husks are yummy in the veg soup, make like a thick farmhouse soup xx

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