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looking to make a change!
hi i have it 3x a day lol i just have it so its a considency i like i dont measure or anything. i think theres meant to be some lumps tho which is good as you are chewing. so i just pour the kettle water in and the cook in the microwave for 30secs

Laura Croft

Happily maintaining
I love the lumps! Seriously I tip a porridge mix into a bowl, then add 140ml hot water from the tap (not boiling) then zap it in my high powered microwave for 1 min 10 seconds. Whammo :) I do spend a bit of time smoothing out the lumps but I like having some lumps. Makes it taste more real.
porridge is naturally lumpy because of the oats so it isn't meant to be smooth

i'm on my first day and had porridge this morning - it has a consistency like porridge but it was so sweet - i'm going to stick with it though - it's nice to feel like i'm eating something if you know what i mean


looking to make a change!
its lovely isnt it tattyboo this is whats helping me stick to it as i dont like anything else! lol and isnt funny how we all make it differently lol
it was ok - wouldn't say i loved it but what attracted me to the CD was the range of products available, i think it's really great

have you tried the apple and cinnamon porridge? i'm going to try it tomorrow - variety is the spice of life after all :)

tee hee
It's definately supposed to be lumpy - I found it can be a bit thin as well as lumpy... ew!.. so I add the measured hot water in slowly whilst stirring to a paste with a fork - keeps the lumps to an oaty norm.

I also find leaving it for a couple of minutes when it's come out of the microwave for its 1 minute enables the porridge to thicken up a little - and you don't burn your tongue on it!


looking to make a change!
i have them and NOTHING else if it wasnt for the porridge i seriously couldnt do it lol
My daily porridge turns out quite nice. I cover it with hot water and put in the microwave for about two minutes. I put a cover on the bowl.
I too would struggle without my porridge fix.


looking to make a change!
thank you mezza x
I'm the same. I love the Apple and Cinamon one i have one every morning and I don't think i will ever tire of it. Yummy. I look forward to it.

It's meant to be lumpy and if you only use 140mls it should me thick if you leave it to sit for a while. I make mine with 150 and find it the right consistency for me. I love the lumps it's the only thing i chew some days!

I find it helps to pour the water in slowly as you mix quickly with a fork. this reduces the big clumpy lumps.

Take care!
i love the apple and cinnamon porridge!! i make it with just under 200ml of water and blend it. it comes out thick and it only has very small bits in it. i have one every morning. sometimes i put some of a choc shake in it x x
I just love the porridge!!!
I find if I zap it with a hand blender for about 30 seconds it gets rind of most of the lumps then microwave it for 1min 10secs

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